Sophie's Favourite Foods at 16 Months

It’s hard to believe I have an almost 16 month old. I’m sure I’ll be saying these words for many years to come! Personally, I’ve found it really helpful when other moms in the health world share what their little ones have been eating. It gives me ideas! Based on hearing from you guys, it sounds like coming up with ideas is the hardest part when talking about feeding your kids, so I hope you find this useful.

I must caveat here that Sophie is particular about what she wants to eat. Those days around 6-11 months where she was eating sardines and chicken liver are behind us! Right now, she doesn’t love new foods; I’ve read it can take a child up to 14 exposures of a new food for a child to start liking them. That said, if I’m feeding her something she’s familiar with and I know she likes, she eats well. I just don’t want you to falsely think that meal times are always a breeze!

Sophie’s Favourite Breakfasts:

  • I am still serving her smoothie bites for breakfast, but have now added to it because I could tell she wanted some variety. The smoothie bites were a loose adaptation of Meghan Telpner’s gelatin jigglers. You can find my version saved on my Instagram story highlights!
  • I’ve now started giving her (gluten free) oatmeal, mixed with coconut yogurt, ground black sesame seeds (calcium) and hemp hearts (protein). She loves practicing with a spoon (translation: I am no longer allowed to spoon feed her haha) and while not all of it ends up in her mouth, each day more and more does.
  • On Sundays, I usually make paleo waffles (an adaptation of these) and she looooves them. I don’t even put anything on them for her, but cut them into long slices and she’ll end up eating almost half a waffle I’d say.

Sophie’s Favourite Lunch/Dinners:

*As you guys know from our meal plans, I really don’t differentiate between lunch and dinner foods as I always try to make extra dinner and have it as leftovers for lunch.

  • Pesto Chickpea Pasta - here’s the pesto recipe I use
  • Bolognese sauce - here’s the recipe I use
  • Slow cooked carrots (we put carrots in our bone broth and she eats them after)
  • BBQ chicken thighs (she refuses to eat this leftover haha - only right off the BBQ)
  • “Deconstructed” fish tacos (as in, no tortilla or sauce). Sophie looooves white fish (and now refuses salmon).
  • Black bean burgers (I make these into smaller bite size burgers)
  • Peas - omg this girl will eat an entire cup of plain cooked peas for lunch. Makes me wonder if she is my own daughter as peas are certainly not my fave!
  • Black beans (actually any bean) plain out of a can, rinsed. Much like the peas, I think it might be that they are fun to pick up and eat.
  • Yam fries - just yams sliced into the shape of fries and roasted in the oven
  • Oh She Glows 10 spice soup - without any cayenne
  • Hummus - she eats it by the handful. I don’t blame her!

It is sad to report that Sophie’s sauerkraut phase is over. There was a month or two where the majority of her dinner was sauerkraut haha! I couldn’t complain about that! Now, she doesn’t want to touch it.

Sophie’s Favourite Snacks:

Three snacks come to mind that I think she eats daily: fruit, particularly bananas and berries, the Bebe Latte and rice cakes. She takes so long to eat a rice cake that I use the time she’s eating it to prep dinner. Great distraction!

I’ve talked before about the Bebe Latte here. It is a plant-based beverage that I mix with water and give her in a bottle. One of these days I’ll break the bottle habit and switch it to a sippy cup or add it to a smoothie for her. I love it so much because of the ingredients. Every single ingredient is a whole food, and it’s packed full of nutrients from fruit and veggies like kale, spinach, broccoli and carrots. It’s got healthy fats from coconut oil, hemp seeds and flax seed. It also contains calcium, from a non-dairy source, using red algae! You can learn more about The Bebe Latte and The Kiddo Latte here.

I also give her my grain free banana muffins, without the chocolate chips or maple syrup, and a sugar free banana bread (basically one where I omit any added sweetener and just use the bananas as sweetness. I will also give her some chopped up cherry tomatoes if we have them, and cucumber (an awesome teething vegetable before she had teeth) with her snacks to up her veggie intake.

What do your kiddos eat? Share in the comments!

This post is sponsored, but all thoughts are my own and we use The Latte Co products regularly.

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