Workplace Wellness Platform

After 8+ years running employee wellness programs, we know organizations that prioritize wellness year-round are much more successful at cultivating a culture of wellness than companies that had one-off initiatives. In fact, organizations with comprehensive wellness programs see 11% higher revenue per employee than those companies without wellness programs.

Create a customized wellness program now.


Year-round, continuous programming with multiple touchpoints.

Continuous programming that keeps wellness top of mind throughout the year will set your teams up with tools to prioritize their mental, physical and emotional well-being in between the other initiatives you run.

This is why we created our employee wellness platform. The HEAL wellness platform is a web-based and mobile app where your employees can participate in our wellness challenges and then receive our custom nutrition, movement and mental health resources (including recipes, workout videos, and meditations) all in one place, year-round. 

When you partner with HEAL for a wellness challenge, your employees will continue to get access to the wellness platform when the challenge ends for the remainder of the year. We can also host your lunch & learn or webinar recordings here, remind your teams of upcoming sessions or resources through emails and push notifications, and create additional custom content geared towards the health goals of your employees.

The corporate wellness platform is also a mobile app, making it accessible from anywhere and on any device.

Wellness Challenge Portal

For running engaging & holistic team-based wellness challenges

Content Hub

To provide actionable, science-backed nutrition, movement & mental health guidance through recipes, videos, workouts and more.

Personalized Goal Section

To keep participants accountable & motivated on their wellness journey.

We know you don't have time to manage a comprehensive workplace wellness program. Our programs are as hands-off as you want them to be.

To learn more about how our wellness platform can help your teams move more, stress less, and make healthier food choices