1:1 Coaching

Get the support and accountability to feel better.

HEAL specializes in helping those who:

  • are exhausted and need an energy boost (you’re tired of feeling tired)
  • have IBS symptoms and can’t find an answer to the pesky digestive problems (you’re frustrated with bloating, indigestion and running to the bathroom)
  • need help losing weight and keeping it off (because it seems like nothing works and you want your clothes to fit the way they used to)
  • are struggling with brain fog, poor libido or hormonal imbalances (you just don't feel like yourself)

1:1 coaching will give you customized support to work through what’s bothering you and will give you a solution that fits with your lifestyle.

"The guidance I received from HEAL was simply life-changing. You don’t realize how bad you are feeling until you are doing the right things for your body and you come to see that feeling the way you did wasn’t normal. After six weeks of implementing the changes she suggested, my energy levels were higher, my digestion was better, and I went months without ever getting sick — all a testament to the healthy body and strong immune system I was now supporting. Everyone deserves to feel this good."

Kayley Krupica

HEAL Client

Our team of Holistic Nutritionists will support you through a personalized approach that takes into account all areas of your health, including nutrition, mental health and your lifestyle. Mandy is not currently taking new clients. Natalia Bragagnolo is our full time Holistic Nutritionist.

Nutrition Coaching is delivered in person in Toronto, or via telephone, Skype or FaceTime. We take clients from all over the world, as long as you have Wifi.

Here's how it would work:

  1. Book a complimentary 15 minute info session taken over the phone with our team, to determine a plan that will work for you.
  2. Once confirmed, in advance of your first session, we will have you fill out a very detailed health questionnaire, any blood work and testing you’ve had done, and a food journal. You'd send it back to us 24 hours before our scheduled call.
  3. We will have reviewed your paperwork in advance and be ready to walk you through recommendations and a plan to support your main goals and overall health.
  4. Your plan will include personalized nutrition coaching, guidelines to follow that will address your main health concern(s), custom meal plans or recipes, and supplement recommendations, if needed.
  5. You'd also have access to food sensitivity testing and/or hormone testing at an additional cost (details on those here).

Many people come to us after years of strict diets and guidelines, feeling confused about what nutrition advice to follow. Our goal is that by the end of our time working together you instead come to view nutrition as a tool to feel your best, and feel empowered and in control over your own health.

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What people have to say:

“Working with Natalia and the HEAL program has been absolutely life-changing experience for me. Over the last few years, I have struggled quite a bit with some chronic illness that wreaked havoc on my hormones. After trying multiple different treatments, and hormone medication with awful side effects and limited results, I knew I badly needed a change. I had been referred to a dietician for a couple sessions in the past, but I just couldn't get into a routine that stuck. I knew I needed an option that would provide me with a bit more support, and this is when I reached out to HEAL.

Natalia was able to set me up on a plan that actually worked for me, and was created in such a way that it was so easy to stick too. Having the full support of a coach, weekly meal plans, and a supplement plan that was truly catered to my situation was finally the solution that stuck for me.  After a few weeks I was no longer suffering from drastic dips in energy and mood, and my digestion was functioning soooo much better than I could ever have expected.  Through all of Natalia's coaching I was finally able to understand how feeling 'good' should really feel, and how to support my body to keep that good feeling going. I can't imagine going back to my life before HEAL, and I can't recommend them enough to anyone who might be struggling and needing some extra support."

Paige Kurash

HEAL Client

“I have been to see many different dieticians and nutritionist over the years, but I have not had any success in conquering my IBS symptoms. I found that they would talk to me for 10 minutes and then prescribe a “cookie cutter” solution that I am sure they gave to anyone complaining of IBS. I really appreciated that Mandy took the time to truly understand my personal situation. She understood how hard I had been working trying to get healthy and my frustration at nothing working. Mandy took a detailed analysis (some of the questioned seemed a little weird but totally made sense to me later!) and treated my situation as individual as I was. She also continued to assess throughout the treatment plan and made adjustments according to my successes and/or plateaus. I finally found success! I have regained the self confidence that IBS took away!  And I owe it all to Mandy!”

Denise Coombes

HEAL Client

"I had always considered myself a healthy person, but had started to notice that I was tired and getting stomach aches and upset stomaches all the time. I was also noticing that I had put on a bit of weight and that my skin was breaking out. Mandy provided me with a plan that worked for me, even given my hectic schedule. A few months later, my digestion is back to normal, and I no longer get the energy dips throughout the day."

Marissa Tam

HEAL Client

“I was eating fairly healthily, and I wasn’t eating a lot of sugar, but I just couldn’t seem to lose that last 5-7 lbs. and my post menopause stomach pooch seemed destined to stay. By following Mandy’s advice about food choices and supplements, I was able to reach my goal weight. I may never have washboard abs, by my pooch is smaller, clothes fit better and I feel great about myself.”

Jennifer Wacasey

HEAL Client

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