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Workplace wellness lunch + learns and workshops that educate, empower, and support your people

Our team of experts explore a range of data-backed topics including nutrition, mental health, mindfulness, and movement in bite-sized, actionable tips tailored to your wellness goals.

Choose from either in-person lunch + learns in Toronto or Vancouver, or virtual seminars anywhere you and your teams are located. 

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Practical wellness advice, great turnout and active engagement

If you’re concerned about your team’s mental health and the potential high stress levels and burnout, HEAL’s lunch + learns are IT. We meet your team members wherever they are in their wellness journeys, empowering them to feel less stressed, more engaged, and happier in their work and personal life.



Promotional materials including posters and email invites

Interactive workshop + Q&A (one-hour, in-person or virtual)

Video recording and slides sent out after for you to share with your team

Follow-up one week meal plan for nutrition topics

Supportive handouts that summarize key takeaways and helpful tips

We’ll send you post lunch + learn feedback survey and results

Our lunch + learns are consistently rated 5 stars by participants.

HEAL lunch + learn clients are saying…

"This webinar is a “must have” for any company hoping to boost employee wellness. Great info and also great energy and engagement.”

Rachel Kaviani, Elastic Path

“Thank you Mandy! That was INCREDIBLE and the interns were so engaged. I was shocked at how many questions they were asking. Can’t wait for the next two.”

Ashley Marks, Electronic Arts

“Yesterday’s session was fantastic! Thank you for your high energy, solid information, and discount codes! I love that you are informative and not preachy.”

Suzanne Hendricks, Turner Construction Company

“Natalia did an excellent job delivering helpful information in an encouraging manner. There was no shaming for any less healthy behaviours/diets, the information was presented in a helpful, friendly, encouraging manner.”

Jamie, East Side Games

Lunch + Learn Series

Check out how HEAL designs and implements transformative custom wellness programs for a range of fantastic organizations.We offer a suite of six tailored lunch + learn wellness workshops that will motivate and inspire your team members, spaced out at intervals that work best for you. We’re also happy to create a customized workshop series of any length, so don’t hesitate to ask and find out more.

Most popular wellness series


Actionable tips and strategies around nutrition, mental health, and movement that support a healthy workforce. This is a great starting point for companies who are new to HEAL’s workplace wellness and lunch + learns.

Eating for Energy

What to eat and drink throughout the day to maximize energy and focus.

Busting Stress + Boosting Happiness through Nutrition

How to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression via nutrition and learn the science behind nutrition’s powerful effects on mood.

Intro to Mindfulness + Meditation

Beginner-level introduction to the benefits of mindfulness and meditation techniques featuring interactive exercises

Healthy 30-Minute Meals

Delicious, nutritious, and quick meal ideas. Genius healthy 30-minute meals and easy ways to make your favourite meals healthier.

The 5 Key Factors in Self Care

Science-backed ways to take better care of yourself to support your mental health.

Optimizing Gut + Digestive Health

Natural solutions for improving overall gut health and healing common digestive issues like heartburn, gas, bloating, and IBS.


This is a series focused on mental and emotional health with holistic guidance, education, and expert support.

Eating for Energy

Learn to maximize your energy and focus throughout the day via the things you choose to drink and eat.

Busting Stress + Boosting Happiness through Nutrition

The incredible power of nutrition and how it can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and improve your overall mood.

Intro to Mindfulness + Meditation

Introduction and practical tips focussed on the science-backed benefits of mindfulness. Includes interactive exercises and meditations.

Optimizing Sleep

Valuable toolkit centred on the restorative power of sleep. Learn proven sleep hygiene strategies to help you consistently get good sleep, night after night.

5 Key Factors in Self Care

Arm yourself with five science-backed ways to take better care of yourself and support your mental health.

Mental Health Training for Managers (or Teams)

Empower your leaders to manage mental health challenges within teams with knowledge, confidence, and compassion.


Resilient employees don’t just survive, they thrive! This is an inspiring series that teaches the components of resilience and adaptability.

Performance-Based Nutrition

The key dietary factors that influence energy, stress, mood, and focus.

Functional Movement

Exercises that bring your mind, body, and energy into alignment, helping you more easily manage stress and work-life balance.

Resilience Through Mindfulness

Mindfulness exercises and strategies that counteract stress, refine performance, and boost your abilities to navigate change with grace.

Optimizing Sleep

Toolkit of simple, science-backed sleep strategies and routines to help quiet your mind and relax your body, leading to high quality, restorative sleep on a regular basis.

Focus in the Age of Distraction

Delete noise and overwhelm and learn to find time to prioritize mental health when under pressure.

Reframing Stress + Emotions

Learn about body awareness and how it can help you process emotions and stress. Also, how past experiences can influence our anxiety and stress levels.

Lunch + Learn and Webinar Topics

BOOST ENERGY & REDUCE STRESS with our expert Holistic Nutritionists

Eating for Energy

  • Key nutrients to fuel your cells for more get-up-and-go!
  • Wake up with energy and nourishing breakfast ideas
  • Healthy lunch ideas to banish the afternoon slump
  • Snacking principles to boost your energy.

Busting Stress + Boosting Happiness with Nutrition

  • How unchecked stress leads to burnout
  • Key dietary factors that power up your stress resilience
  • How stress depletes nutrients and ways to replenish them with good food
  • Nutritional supplementation to aid in whole body health

Healthy 30-Minute Meals

  • Fast and delicious 30-minute meals
  • Make your meals healthier without losing flavour
  • Helpful tips + tricks for efficiency in the kitchen

5 Key Factors in Self Care

  • Stress management habits and resources for when life get rough
  • How to incorporate more movement into your day (for all fitness levels)
  • Happiness habits and how to implement them
  • How to get more rest to feel calmer, happier, more energized

Optimizing Gut + Digestive Health

  • Natural solutions for heartburn
  • How to identify food sensitivities
  • Easy fixes for bloating, indigestion, and other digestive ailments
  • How gut health is key to your overall health

Natural Cold + Flu Prevention

  • Immune-supporting foods and supplements
  • Natural cold + flu remedies
  • Kicking the winter blues

Vitamins + Supplements for Optimal Health

  • Which supplements are necessary and which are a waste of money
  • Safe dosages and brands to look for
  • Understanding the specifics of probiotics, magnesium, biotin, collagen, iron and vitamin D
  • Supplements for specific health conditions

BOOST CALM + FOCUS with our Meditation Coaches

An Introduction to Mindfulness + Meditation

  • Learn the science behind meditation and its eye-opening proven benefits. Guidance on ways we can all be more mindful every day.
  • Transformative daily practices to incorporate beyond the session
  • In-person meditation and mindfulness exercises

Weekly LIVE Meditations

  • Shorter virtual meditations on a regular basis
  • Custom pricing based on your needs

NAVIGATE & SUPPORT MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES with our Registered Social Workers

Mental Health Training for Managers or Teams

  • Normalizing mental health to reduce stigma and encouraging employees and colleagues to seek support
  • The mind-body connection and how stress and mental health conditions can manifest.
  • How to identify mental health challenges with yourself and coworkers
    with an opportunity to practice with other attendees
  • How to differentiate burnout from mental health issues and coping strategies for both
  • What healthy conversations about mental health can look like, with an opportunity to practice with other attendees

Understanding Anxiety + Managing Stress: Therapeutic Workshop

  • Become more empowered by understanding how anxiety is experienced in the brain and body
  • Identify the events and circumstances that evoke stress responses from your brain and body
  • Practices to recalibrate the nervous system to feel more connected to emotions, and body
  • Build resiliency for yourself and the teams you work with during difficult times

Prioritizing Self-Care + Work-Life Balance

  • Defining self-care for yourself
  • Bookending your day - practical and customized self-care for you from you
  • Power and protection- how to remain in your power and to protect yourself from outside influences that may throw you off and how to get back on track
  • What does self-care truly mean to you, how to implement it and why is it essential to live a life of balance?

OPTIMIZE WELL-BEING with our Naturopaths

Optimizing Sleep: Good Nights for Better Days

  • Key reasons for sleep challenges and how to remedy them
  • How to identify and address the root cause of poor sleep
  • Best natural nutrients and supplements to improve sleep
  • Helpful hacks for improving sleep quality

Healthy Heart, Healthy You

  • How to improve high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and triglycerides without medication
  • Healthy ways to prevent heart attacks, chest pain, stroke, and diabetes

Fueling for Optimal Brain Health

  • How to prevent and treat mental health challenges like anxiety, ADHD, and depression
  • Balanced and wholesome nutrients for your brain that improve focus, clarity, creativity
  • Practices that help maintain memory and treat neurological conditions like Dementia and Alzheimer’s

Healthy Balancing Hormones Naturally

  • How to prepare for and manage menopause through natural methods
  • The link between PMS, fibroids, cysts, and endometriosis
  • Treating high or low testosterone

GET Your Employees MOVING with our Movement + Ergonomics Specialists

Ergonomics, Stretching, and Pain Management

  • General anatomy and body awareness
  • Identifying posture and ergonomic issues at work
  • Practical strategies for movement and ergonomics during your workday
  • Postural and mobility exercises that target specific areas of the body
  • Short live movement flow session hosted by a kinesiologist, personal trainer, and certified pilates Instructor

Short Desk Stretch Series

  • Four 15-minute ergonomic and stretching sessions for your workday hosted by our certified yoga instructor

Live Yoga Classes

  • Live yoga classes from 30-60 minutes hosted by a certified yoga teacher
  • Focus and difficulty level tailored to your people and needs

Looking for something not covered here?

We’re happy to customize in-person and virtual lunch + learn sessions or series’ for your office.


Experienced + Engaging Lunch + Learn Presenters

Natalia Bragagnolo

Registered Holistic Nutritionist + Operations and Engagement Manager

Dr. Jason Marr


Ayah Norris

Yoga + Meditation Teacher, Holistic Healer

Sidney Shindle

Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Dr Courtney Ranieri


Anna O'Malley

Yoga Teacher + Movement Specialist