Take better care of your people, so they take better care of business.

Our workplace wellness programs are proven to improve mental health, increase engagement and build team camaraderie.

You’re busy and your people are too. There is pressure, there are timelines and there are lots of hours sitting, not to mention the stress of a global pandemic.

That’s where our corporate wellness programs come in. We offer simple, turnkey ways for you to support the health (and happiness) of your employees — resulting in incredible, lasting payoffs such as decreased stress and anxiety, increased energy, higher productivity, and lower attrition.

All in a quickly-deployed, fun format that your team can actually get excited about.

Our offerings include, but aren’t limited to, lunch and learns (now webinars), team-based wellness challenges, mental health training, resiliency building programs and wellness newsletters.

Our clients

Learn How To Increase Engagement 
In Your Wellness Program.

We're consistently told our programs drive the highest engagement a company has seen of any wellness program.

Corporate Wellness Lunch & Learns (& Webinars)

Treat your employees to a motivating and engaging webinar series. 

We’ve been told our lunch and learns and webinars are the best a company has ever offered - the room (or Zoom screen) will be full and it won’t only be the health nuts in the room; those who really need the help will want to attend too. We're available in person in Toronto and Vancouver for corporate wellness, and all over North America, virtually.

To incent participation, lunch & learn attendees will receive:

  • A swag bag full of healthy goodies (included with in-person events)
  • A 1 week meal plan (included with virtual events)

Our most popular Lunch & Learn or Webinar topics include:

Eating For Energy

  • Energetic mornings 
  • Healthy snack ideas 
  • Avoiding the afternoon slump
  • Tips for better sleep & managing stress

Busting Stress & Boosting Happiness

  • Nutrients depleted from stress 
  • Foods for stress management 
  • Lifestyle tips to de-stress 
  • Nutrients & daily habits to boost mood

Live Virtual Healthy Cooking Class

  • Participants cook along with us from home
  • We make 2-3 recipes in the session
  • You may choose from a combination of breakfast recipes, mains courses and snacks.
  • Participants receive the recipes afterwards as well

Intro to Mindfulness & Meditation At Work

  • Intro to the science behind meditation
  • Guidance on how to be more mindful everyday 
  • Daily practices to incorporate beyond the session
  • In person meditation & mindfulness exercise

Healthy 30 Minute Meals 

  • Delicious, easy 30 minute (or less) recipes
  • How to make your favourite recipes healthier
  • Simple tips and tricks to be more efficient in the kitchen

The 5 Key Factors in Self Care

  • Ways to take better care of yourself to build resilience.
  • Mindfulness strategies proven to help with anxiety, depression and stress
  • Daily happiness practices

Every mental health-related short-term disability claim that can be averted as a result of a wellness initiative or workplace support saves on average $18,000.

The HEAL Wellness Challenge

Friendly competition creates positive change.

Our online wellness challenges are 4, 8 or 12 week team-based programs where employees are challenged to create new habits relating to nutrition, movement and mental health. Using our custom portal, users track their participation and those who participate are rewarded with prizes. Our challenges are not only great for team building, but they are proven to reduce stress, improve mental health, increase engagement and make work a better place to be.

Click here to get connected and learn more about our challenges.

The holistic Heal Wellness Challenge

The first challenge we recommend you do with us, covering nutrition, movement and mindfulness all in one, empowering employees to do simple daily practices that have an immense payoff for engagement, stress and productivity.

The energy boosting wellness challenge

This challenge covers physical, emotional and mental energy-boosting practices to enable a high performing, resilient office culture.
With more and more employees experiencing burnout, this program lays the foundation to build resiliency and prevent burnout.

The mindfulness challenge

An in-depth program promoting mindset and mental health habits that leave your teams happier, less stressed and more engaged at work.

The heart health challenge

A program dedicated to preventing and reversing the most common chronic illnesses. Topics are customizable; popular themes include Healthy Heart, Preventing Pain, Diabetes Management and Prevention.


94% of participants would recommend the HEAL Wellness Challenge.

A More Resilient You

Resilience (n): The ability to withstand, recover and grow in the face of stressors and changing demands.

A resilient employee does not burn out. Built from client requests during the pandemic, this program is created for companies looking to make lasting, lifelong positive change for their employees. This five-part series pulls together five different aspects of resiliency and uses interactive webinars with five different experts to educate and motivate your employees to build more resilient habits.

1. Nutrition with a Holistic Nutritionist

  • Strategies to eat and fuel for more energy
  • Dietary principles that affect mood and stress

2. Exercice with a Yoga Teacher & Movement Specialist

  • Functional movement that brings mind, body and energy into alignment

3. Mindfulness & Meditation with a Meditation Coach

  • Mindfulness exercises that can be done throughout the day to cultivate calm
  • Live meditations

4. Reframing Emotions & Stress with a Registered Social Worker

  • Understanding how past emotions get stored in the body
  • Using body awareness to process emotions and stress

5. Focus in the Age of Distraction with a Leadership & Mindfulness Coach

  • Deleting the noise and overwhelm in order to have time for self-care
  • Workplace pressure prioritization

Client Praise

We just completed the Wellness Challenge at our office. The daily tips and challenges in the program were educational and motivational and encouraged everyone to focus on their own health and well-being. The competitive aspect made it fun and engaging and held people accountable to make small behaviour changes in their lives for a big impact – reduced stress, healthier eating for more energy, and committing to more exercise and fitness. These changes will last beyond the challenge definitely contributing to a more positive work environment.

Jessica Grigoriou

Unilever Canada

Our office hired Natalia for a lunch & learn session on boosting your energy. The talk created a lot of buzz around the office, which I felt was a great team-building opportunity. It also helped myself, and many others in the office, connect the dots between how what you eat has a direct impact on how you feel throughout the day. I now realize how much of an impact things like drinking more water or eating the right breakfast can have on my energy. It's safe to say I learnt things that, months later, I still think about and apply in the kitchen and I feel more healthy and energetic when I think about the foods I put in my body.

Ali K.

Manager @ Salesforce

We have offered wellness challenges in our organization in the past, however the HEAL Challenge takes a wholistic approach to Wellness.  We had high participation and engagement levels throughout the entire course of the challenge, with employees sad to see the challenge come to an end. The weekly themes focused on different pillars of health and wellness with a variety of daily and weekly challenges that kept our workforce engaged and motivated the whole way through. The daily emails provided not only a good reminder of the challenges, but also came equipped with resources and beneficial educational components to inform and educate our employees. This challenge was one of our most well received challenges to date with very positive behaviour changes as a result from those who participated!

Laura Sumner


Awesome challenge which my team on site truly enjoyed and where they were reinvigorated. I have decided that we are going to keep going to August 31st where they each have to set a goal to achieve for that date that must be challenging to them individually. Thank you for such a great challenge again!

Andrew O’Brien, ACIOB

Superintendent @ PCL

We just had Mandy come in to speak with the Facebook team about how to eat for better energy.  It was such a high impact discussion.  Everyone got so much value from her knowledge and experience – and loved their swag bags!   Her advice is immediately actionable, and people were very engaged by her presentation style – Mandy is approachable, a true expert, and has a genuine way of connecting with people.  It took no effort on my end to organize the session and the delicious lunch – I would highly recommend this as an easy way to help your employees enhance their performance and overall wellness.

Alison Leung

Facebook Canada

Mandy is delivering a series of health and wellness workshops for our employees.  The first workshop “Eating for Energy” was so popular that we needed her to deliver the workshop three times to include everyone who wanted to attend!   Mandy combines her in-depth knowledge as a nutritionist with a genuine passion for health and wellness to deliver engaging, action-oriented, impactful and fun workshops. The “water cooler” conversations here are now all about watching our sugar intake, choosing a healthy snack to avoid the afternoon energy slump and “what’s in your smoothie this morning?”   The impact of Mandy’s workshops is so much more than we had anticipated. Even those who are highly in tune with their health and wellness come away with a golden nugget.

Barb Bahry

Odlum Brown

We worked with Mandy to hold a professional development workshop that would educate our staff on the impact of enhanced wellness on personal and professional performance; it was one of the most engaging sessions I've ever participated in. She leaves you feeling empowered to make adjustments in your routine for tangible results.

Laura Gilchrist


I have attended countless self-help presentations, learning fascinating facts about the impact various foods and daily exercise have on my health and well being. However, Mandy's Challenge is the first one that provided the whole package. Her engaging daily communications brought a holistic approach with inspirational challenges that made the entire process informative and fun. She provided meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and strategies for achieving a work-life balance. I'm even sleeping better.

Wayne Haveling


Have confidence knowing the lessons you helped instill in the crew are still happening on a daily basis, especially the water, step counts and smoothies!

Janice Valant

Grieg Seafood

Our organization has had Virgin Pulse in place for 2 years now, but we felt there were multiple gaps, which the HEAL program has filled nicely. The HEAL high-value prizes are second to none, but the personal touch is what our employees enjoy most. HEAL has a dedicated health & nutrition expert (not 1-800 support number) there to answer any questions we have. Each participant walks away from each week, and each year we do the HEAL challenge, having learned something new directly from Mandy or her team. For me, as a wellness champion at my organization, the proof is in the participation rates, which are over double for the HEAL program compared to Virgin Pulse.

Tyler Brown


Learn How To Increase Engagement
In Your Wellness Program.

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