Happier, healthier people lead to bigger, better results. Your employees’ wellness matters.

Our corporate wellness programs help motivate, energize, and support your people so they feel more focused, calm, connected, and productive.

We strongly believe that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to wellness. We also know that participation and engagement are critical to the success of your wellness program.

We meet the needs of small to mid-sized companies to design transformational wellness solutions that include seminars, lunch + learns, wellness challenges, and health and wellness content that support and strengthen your workforce. Our results-driven corporate wellness programs are customized to suit your unique culture, industry, goals, and people. Our programs and services are available in Toronto and Vancouver, with virtual health and wellness offerings wherever you are.

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Here’s why organizations choose HEAL’s workplace wellness programs again and again

Unique, personalized corporate wellness programs that bring people together in meaningful ways.

Consistently high levels of engagement and participation.

Results that are proven to improve energy and burnout, reduce stress and anxiety, and build team connection.

The ease and simplicity of our systems, which allow for more time spent on the enriching activities and less time spent on a screen.

Personalized attention and customization for each organization that is hands-off for the HR person.

Healthcare practitioners with corporate backgrounds who pride themselves on an actionable yet light-hearted approach to wellness. We’re not just an algorithm.

Learn How To Increase Engagement In Your Wellness Program

We're consistently told our programs drive the highest engagement a company has seen of any wellness program.

Putting wellness to work for all kinds of people + companies

“The HEAL team helped us roll out an 8-week holistic Wellness Challenge that came through with flying colours!”

“As a people-first company, we adapted all our internal programs during COVID to keep Klicksters healthy, happy, and engaged. To provide additional support and encouragement through the winter, the HEAL team helped us roll out an 8-week holistic Wellness Challenge that came through with flying colours. Almost half of our people participated and they’re still raving about the program!”

Glenn Zujew, Chief People Officer, Klick Health

“This challenge was one of our most well received challenges to date!”

“We have offered wellness challenges in our organization in the past, however the HEAL Challenge takes a holistic approach to wellness. We had high participation and engagement levels throughout the entire course of the challenge, with employees sad to see the challenge come to an end…The weekly themes focused on different pillars of health and wellness with a variety of daily and weekly challenges that kept our workforce engaged and motivated the whole way through. This challenge was one of our most well received challenges to date with very positive behaviour changes as a result from those who participated!”

Kristen Spratt, Wellness Pillar Lead at Google

“I absolutely LOVED the challenge, and I know I’m not alone!”

“Mandy and Natalia, I absolutely LOVED the challenge, and I know I’m not alone! I received exclusively positive feedback from other participants, too. I wish we could have this as an always-on. It’s the best email to look forward to every morning! Thank you for your hard work on this, the fantastic tips, and sharing your wealth of knowledge, tips and tricks on health and wellbeing! Loved it!!!! Thanks for everything! You guys are the best.”

Laura Sumner, HR, PCL Construction

“Engagement scores had improved significantly.”

“The team at HEAL helped us to survey our staff to understand more about what they were looking for and then put together a comprehensive, two-year wellness program that covered in-person lunch and learns, online webinars and virtual wellness challenges. We were incredibly pleased that when we resurveyed our organization two years later, engagement scores had improved significantly, in large part due to the wellness programs we had started offering. Thank you Mandy and team!

Alina Constantin, HR Manager, Grieg Seafood

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