Google Case Study

Google was looking for a fun and engaging team-building opportunity to support their virtual workplace, and also wanted to equip their employees with the tools to improve their overall health and well-being. After reviewing Google's overall objectives with their organizers, we created a 4-week program including topics such as, how to build healthy habits, increase energy, support your mental health, sleep better, boost your mood, exercise/move more and lots more! By the end of the Wellness Challenge, 97% felt they had better energy, were happier, and were more active and 93% reported being able to manage stress better!

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I absolutely LOVED the challenge, and I know I'm not alone. I received exclusively positive feedback from the other participants, too! I wish we could have this as an always-on. It's the best email to look forward to every morning! Thank you for your hard work on this, the fantastic tips, and sharing your wealth of knowledge, tips and tricks on health and wellbeing! LOVED it!!

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