Klick Health Case Study

Klick Health came to us when they noticed their employees were feeling the effects of isolation from lockdown and working virtually and were concerned some might fall into a ‘pandemic slump’. Klick decided to kick off the New Year with the 8-week HEAL wellness challenge focusing on nutrition, mental health, and movement -- addressing the most common issues facing companies: burnout, anxiety, stress, lack of connection, and lack of work-life balance. When surveyed at the end of the wellness challenge, 93% of participants said they felt more connected to their colleagues, and 86% felt the program made work more fun. A whopping 92% of participants felt working from home was more enjoyable with the challenge.

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"As a people-first company, we adapted all our internal programs during COVID to keep Klicksters healthy, happy, and engaged. To provide additional support and encouragement through the winter, Mandy and Natalia helped us roll-out an 8-week holistic Wellness Challenge that came through with flying colours. Almost half of our people participated and they’re still raving about the program!”
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