The Bebe Latte: A Product I Want All Parents to Know About

Every year I attend the Canadian Health Food Association trade show to visit with the health food companies I work with and see what new and exciting things are coming. There were a lot of products and companies I was excited about, but one in particular stood out: The Latte Co, a company producing healthy, plant based beverages for kids over twelve months. They have the Bebe Latte (12-24mo) and the Kiddo Latte (24mo+).

What Is The Bebe Latte?

The Bebe Latte is a an organic, plant-based powdered drink that works as a cow’s milk replacement. It’s chock-full of nutrients, and Sophie seems to love the taste. Here’s a picture of the ingredients so you can see what’s in it and how nutrient dense it is.

The Bebe Latte: A product I want all parents to know about

Why I Love The Bebe Latte

When Sophie was 10-11 months old, my milk supply really wasn’t able to keep up with Sophie’s needs. I kept blaming her fussiness on teething and then kicked myself realizing she was hungry. Sophie didn’t tolerate cow’s milk foods well yet, so I decided to top her up with goat formula, as it was easier for her to digest than cow’s milk formula. While I did it, I still didn’t love the ingredients in the formula and wished there was something better out there to give her.

It’s like the Latte Co took every ingredient I could have dreamed would be in a formula (though it can’t technically be called a formula) and put it into their powder! It has 36% of the daily calcium requirement per serving, which actually comes from red algae (higher in calcium than cow’s milk), and it has 86% of the daily iron requirement. Plus, not sure about your child, but Sophie is not eating all the fruit and vegetables on this list regularly (kale, cabbage, etc), so to sneak them into this powder is awesome.

How I Give it to Sophie

Since Sophie is still drinking bottles, I mix this in to a bottle with water. The powder doesn’t dissolve super well in water, so I put it in a shaker cup and give it a good shake before putting it in her bottle. If your child isn’t still using bottles, it would be fine in a sippy cup or even mixed into a smoothie. She chugs it the same way she used to with a breastmilk bottle or a formula bottle!

You can purchase the Bebe Latte here.

This post is sponsored, but all thoughts are my own and we use the product regularly.

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