Burnout, Anxiety & Disconnection: How We Can Support Your Employees Right Now

If you’re feeling burnt out….

Eighteen-plus months on high alert from the pandemic is bound to lead to burnout. Layer on kids at home more, stress about getting COVID and the doomsday news we keep hearing and it’s a recipe to feel downright exhausted. In fact, according to the Canadian Institute for Safety, Wellness & Performance, 80% of survey responders reported being worn out or tired at the end of the working day -- a fancy way for saying burnt out.

How we can help you with burnout:

Option 1: Our Foundation Virtual Lunch & Learn Series

This series walks your employees through nutrition and lifestyle practices to have in place for when life gets busy so that you can build resilience instead of burnout.

The HEAL Healthy Foundation Webinar Series
The Healthy Foundation Webinar Series

Option 2: Our 4-Week Wellness Challenge

The content of our wellness challenges are customized to each organization. Participants from our programs feel more energized, better able to handle stress and happier.

Feedback Results from participants surveyed between March 2020-June 2021

If you’re feeling anxious about a partial return to the office or back to school…

This fall, many are feeling anxious about a partial return to the office or their kids returning to school. Since we can train the mind to internalize stress and anxiety in various ways (some more positive than others), providing short training sessions to your employees can be invaluable in their ability to cope this fall and winter.

How we can help you with stress and anxiety:

Our Mental Wellness Virtual Lunch & Learn Series

The Mental Wellness Webinar Series

If you’re feeling disconnected from your team…

When we first started running wellness challenges, team building was not necessarily our first goal; rather, it was more about specific health concerns like increasing energy, reducing stress and feeling your best from a health standpoint. Throughout the pandemic, our wellness challenge has provided disconnected employees a meaningful way to reconnect with their colleagues, many of who they wouldn’t necessarily have spoken to daily without the program. 

Each organization has the opportunity to have a specific wellness challenge Slack or Teams channel managed by us at HEAL to further motivate and inspire and keep colleagues engaged throughout the program. In fact, the high engagement this program drives is one of the differentiators between our wellness challenges and others.

If you'd like to learn how our Wellness Challenge or a webinar series could work for your team, click here to get in touch.

"We did this as a team and it was fantastic for bringing the team closer, getting to know each other on a more personal level. For example who likes to grow veggies to who doesn't know how to cook, the more athletic or not, those who fast, etc."
Yvette Imbleau, Challenge Participant at Google

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