5 Ways to Boost Your Energy This Winter

One of the most popular webinar topics we run is called ‘Eating for Energy’ and it’s because EVERYONE wants more energy, especially in the winter months! With that in mind, here are five ways to boost your energy this winter:

1. Hydrate

Did you know that even just a 2% drop in your hydration levels can lead to cognitive impairment? Moreover, one of the first signs of dehydration is actually fatigue. While everyone needs slightly different water levels, aiming for ~2L is good guidance for most people. If you’re familiar with James Clear’s atomic habits, one of the ways we suggest drinking more water is having a large glass of water on your nightstand so that when you wake up, it’s one of the first things you can do. You’ll notice a big difference in your morning energy by drinking water first thing.

2. Choose the Right Lunches

What do we mean by the ‘right’ lunches? We mean ones that aren’t going to leave you with the dreaded afternoon slump. Generally speaking, this means one that has protein and loads of veggies and where starchy carbohydrates are not the main attraction. We’ve actually been in an office hosting our Eating for Energy lunch and learn, only to have pizza as the lunch provided. When we’re hosting a lunch and learn we always offer to help order the meal so that it fits with the principles we’re teaching the group. 

3. Get Outside During the Day

Getting outside in and of itself can boost energy in 90% of people. Even better, make it a 10-minute brisk walk and you’ll notice how much more clear-headed you feel for the rest of the day! It can be really nice to have an accountability partner for this, plus it makes it a bit of a social break to get out of the office with a colleague.

4. Eat More Plants 

This doesn’t mean you have to go as far as being vegan; rather, it’s about getting a wide range of nutrients from a wide range of different plant foods. The more colour on your plate, the better. The reason for this is clinical research has shown that antioxidants from plants may decrease anxiety and stress while improving energy in adults by reducing inflammation. Aim for 1-2 servings of different coloured produce, at every meal.

5. Check Your Vitamin D

Vitamin D is critical for mental health and for preventing seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Low levels of vitamin D is linked to a higher incidence of SAD. We suggest checking your vitamin D levels once a year with your GP (this is ~$50 to do), getting a copy of your results, and then using Grassroots Health guidance around vitamin D dosage recommendations based on where your levels are at.

If you'd like to equip your teams with the knowledge of how to have strong energy (and mood and concentration) all winter long, please contact us about booking our lunch & learn (or webinar), Eating For Energy. In this one hour session, participants will learn about the following:

  • Waking up with energy & breakfast ideas
  • Healthy lunch ideas & beating the afternoon slump
  • Snacking principles for more energy
  • The key nutrients to fuel your cells for energy

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