How to Help Your Employees with Loneliness and Team Building

When surveyed by Buffer in 2020, respondents said loneliness, collaboration and communication were the biggest struggles in working remotely.

Buffer survey results on loneliness

For those feeling lonely, 58% reported having mental health issues, and another 33% said it impacted their ability to do their job.

Connection is what makes us human; we are social creatures. Despite the pandemic being over, it's still important to put effort into team building and connection if your teams are remote. You can learn more about the impact of loneliness on mental health here.

Given we’re all feeling the Zoom fatigue, many of our clients don’t want to simply do another virtual happy hour. Instead, we’re helping employees with loneliness and team building with our Wellness Challenge.

Social isolation and its consequences

How Wellness Challenges Can Help with Employee Loneliness and Team Building

Our Wellness Challenge kills two birds with one stone, if you will, as it not only brings your employees together with friendly competition, but also addresses many of the mental health challenges your teams are facing like loneliness. Here's an example of what this type of program could look like:

  • Week 1: Energy Boosting Habits
  • Week 2: Optimizing Brain & Mental Health
  • Week 3: Building Resilience & Reducing Stress
  • Week 4: Improving Sleep & Boosting Mood
In fact, 85% of our wellness challenge participants felt better able to handle stress, 92% were more active during the program (a key factor in mental health) and 81% felt more connected to their colleagues.

Employees sign up with a team that they work closely with throughout the program (they can also participate solo) and then track their participation on our wellness platform. Every workday of the program, employees get an email with their challenge(s) for the day, which includes the education as to why that challenge is helpful and how to complete it. All participants receive meal plans and workout resources to use throughout the program.

To learn more about how our Wellness Challenges can help with team building and combat loneliness, click here to get in touch with our team today.

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