A Case Study On Curing IBS, Naturally

Welcome to the first “case study” blog post, where I’m going to share the exact protocol & plan I coached my client through. I hope that if you’re struggling with similar concerns, it helps you realize that there is an answer! Remember, being told “it’s just something you have to live with” is not a solution!

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Meet Denise.

Her Biggest Complaints:

  • I have had chronic upset stomachs (IBS) for 7 years. Nothing I do makes it any better.
  • I feel tired all the time…and get bloated after meals.

How It’s Impacting Her:

  • I can’t do anything too far away from a bathroom.
  • I feel self conscious because of the bloating and not really being able to do anything.
  • I feel frustrated because I know it’s not normal, but nobody can tell me what’s wrong.

What She’s Already Tried:

  • I’ve tried many different diets and nothing seems to work.
  • I have eliminated almost everything from my diet at different points of time – but still have the problem.
  • I went to a naturopath and did sensitivity testing a few years back.

What We Did:

Start With Healing Nutrients

The most important thing we had to start with was stopping the upset stomachs. If you’ve ever had an upset stomach, you know it can be draining and likely means you’re not absorbing the nutrients from what you’re eating, so your energy really suffers.

Slippery Elm Powder is incredibly effective at stopping diarrhea in its tracks, in a very short time frame (2-3 days max). We started this right away and also added in a combination powder that had L glutamine, liquorice and aloe, all nutrients that are soothing to a damaged digestive tract.

Figure Out The Foods That Truly ‘Bothered’ Her

Denise said that she had tried eliminating almost every type of food with no luck. This is a common complaint. I often find that when it’s not done properly, it’s very frustrating because it seems that nothing is working. When it’s done properly though and with the right foods, it can be very effective. (Note: It’s a short term process and not something you stick with long term).

We did a 30 day program where we gave Denise a custom meal plan to follow. It was free of the common 8 allergens. Rather than telling her to just ‘cut everything out’ and replace it with cardboard tasting foods, we equipped her with anti-inflammatory, delicious recipes so that it didn’t feel so challenging/overwhelming.

In combination with that, we gave her the Mediclear protein powder for her shakes, which is chock full of antioxidants and nutrients that support the liver’s detoxification and the gastro-intestinal tract.

At the end, she reintroduced the allergens to understand which foods were actually bothering her, one at a time. (This allows you to understand which foods are actually the culprit, as it’s never all of them, and usually just one or two).

This process wasn’t without a few extra phone calls/emails to me so that I could answer questions and help guide her and the results were not instant, but they certainly came!

Replenish Her System

Lastly, we added in some further nutrients to help rebuild her digestive tract. We added in a probiotic, digestive enzymes and a multi-vitamin, given that she was likely very low in nutrients from the chronic IBS.

The Results

She started to feel a lot more energetic, and when I asked her to summarize her results, she said this:

“I have been to see many different dieticians and nutritionist over the years, but I have not had any success in conquering my IBS symptoms. I found that they would talk to me for 10 minutes and then prescribe a “cookie cutter” solution that I am sure they gave to anyone complaining of IBS. I really appreciated that Mandy took the time to truly understand my personal situation. She understood how hard I had been working trying to get healthy and my frustration at nothing working. Mandy took a detailed analysis (some of the questioned seemed a little weird but totally made sense to me later!) and treated my situation as individual as I was. She also continued to assess throughout the treatment plan and made adjustments according to my successes and/or plateaus. I finally found success! I have regained the self confidence that IBS took away!  And I owe it all to Mandy!”

- Denise C.

What a great result! If you’re experiencing IBS, bloating, constipation or any digestive symptoms and want to fix them once and for all, click here to book a time to chat with me, at no charge.

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