A Case Study on Increasing Energy & Losing Weight

Welcome to the third case study blog post, where I’m going to share the exact protocol & plan someone went through with me and the results they got - in their own words!

Andree first met me at a corporate event I did in Toronto. She participated in last year’s Wellness Challenge.

Why She Signed Up - In Her Words:

“I received your email, and have been thinking of making changes towards living a healthier life for quite some time.  The thought of going to a nutritionist for one on one consultation seemed a bit intimidating but this Wellness Challenge sounds like a great introduction!”

Her #1 Goal Throughout The Challenge - In Her Words:

“More mindful eating which will hopefully lead to having more energy, and feeling better.  I have to admit that losing a bit of weight would be a very welcome bonus.”

What We Did:

She followed the recipes and meal plans for 8 weeks. There were of course some deviations if she had a dinner out or something came up, but for the most part stuck to it. The recipes were entirely gluten free and dairy free - but I’ve been told participants don’t even miss these two ingredients. The key is knowing what to replace in your meals, which is why the meal plans are so important.


Then, during the digestion section of the challenge (we have 4 different sections throughout the challenge - digestion, weight-loss, energy and stress), we introduced a few simple techniques to address those that experience bloating, irregularity in bowel movements and gas. One of those that particularly stuck with her was as simple as having lemon juice in the morning with water.

Energy & Weight:

From an energy standpoint, it wasn’t anything extreme, but had huge payoff. We introduced more protein at breakfasts to set her blood sugar properly for the day. This helps curb cravings and also keeps your energy steady - no 3pm dips! The afternoon snacks were always something that was low sugar and had brain-boosting healthy fats. An example was the paleo apple muffins, which only have 7 ingredients. Here is the recipe.

Interestingly, it’s often the same strategy that increases energy that also works for weight-loss. By balancing her blood sugar, she had less cravings. With less cravings, you eat way less of the ‘bad stuff’ that contributes to weight gain in the first place! Then, losing weight is a heck of a lot easier.

The Results - In Her Words:

"When I initially started the program, I was experiencing issues with gas, bloating, and irregularity even though we were eating a quite healthy diet which included some dairy, gluten, and sugar but not in overwhelming amounts. The simple changes you provided (i.e. lemon juice in water), as well as adding those few supplements, and removing the gluten, sugar, and dairy seemed to have made my body do a 180! I very rarely have gas, the bloating is gone, and my irregularity has resolved itself... I have much more energy, most of my cravings have ceased (with the exception of the occasional bread lust…). I'm rarely hungry, and feel much healthier overall!
I've finally found a lifestyle that I can sustain on a day to day basis, and I'm excited to see what the coming weeks will bring! Apologies for the gushing but I just wanted you to know what a difference your program has made so far."

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