4 Natural Food Cures For Bloating

Bloating is uncomfortable, to say the least. When I help my clients with digestion, the most important part is to figure out WHY they are experiencing the symptom so that we can fix the root cause (like food sensitivities, lack of enzymes, stress, or an imbalance of bacteria, to name a few).

In the mean time though, there are some items that can help alleviate the discomfort. These are super easy to have in your pantry and can provide some quick relief.

Ginger Tea (or ginger chews)

You might have heard of this one, but ginger tea is perfect to have after a meal that you feel slightly uncomfortable, or even just instead of having a sweet after food. If you’re not a big fan, there are some healthy ginger chews you can try. Of course, these still have some sugar in them, so go easy on how many you ‘chew’. 🙂 I like the brands Gin Gins or Chimes.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea actually serves a dual purpose when it comes to bloating. Not only is it soothing on digestion, but chamomile is also soothing for stress – one of the main reasons for digestive upsets! I love having a passionflower/chamomile tea mixture called Nighty Night which is a slight sleep aid. Chamomile tea can also help with acid reflux too!

Peppermint Tea (or fresh mint leaves)

I think you’re seeing a pattern. There are a lot of teas that can help with bloating, but specifically, peppermint tea is great for IBS symptoms too! If you don’t have any peppermint tea on hand, you can also chew on a mint leaf.

Apple Cider Vinegar (unpasteurized)

If I’m at home, this is my go to choice as it’s EVEN easier than a cup of tea. All you have to do is take a little shot of raw apple cider vinegar (or mix it with some water) and your symptoms  will resolve very quickly.

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