Reflections from A Former Sugar Addict

Around this time last year, I wrote about My Postpartum Experience with Sugar and Cravings and how being so tired as a new mom was causing me to reach for more sugar than I usually did, but then eating more sugar throughout the day was negatively impacting my sleep. I must say it was quite the vicious cycle!

This year, as I reflect on my sugar consumption, in advance of our 10 Day Sugar-Free Program, I am really happy with the fact that I don’t really crave it anymore. Of course, I ate some Halloween candy, ordered gluten-free, sugar-full cupcakes for my birthday earlier this year and made my paleo rhubarb crisp multiple times this summer, but I was able to eat these treats and then move on, rather than going in a spiral of binging on it and then feeling like I needed to restrict myself.

What’s changed over the years? Lots of things, but the two biggest are this:

I focus on what I’m eating more of, rather than less of.

As soon as you label something as a no-no, it can all of a sudden become ALL YOU CAN THINK OF. Ever experienced this? I personally feel like this can be the case with sugar. So, rather than spend my energy thinking about how I don’t want to eat sugar, I focus on what I do want to eat more of. There are a lot of nutrients I want to make sure I’m getting throughout the day to feel my best, and when you focus more on them, over time you forget what you’re not eating. 

For example, at my 3 main meals, I know that I want to get protein, fat and fiber and if I do, that will help balance my blood sugar and keep me full for longer. Then, at snacks, it’s an opportunity to get some fruit in, and maybe some mineral-rich nuts & seeds from a nut butter, or a healthy muffin recipe with almond flour or coconut flour (sharing one in the Sugar-Free Program!). If I have these planned somewhat in advance with ingredients on hand and eat those first, I’m so much less likely to even think about sugar.

I focus on how the food will make me FEEL. 

This one might be even more important than my last point. What are your motivations for eating less sugar? In my experience, wanting to eat less sugar simply to lose weight isn’t usually enough motivation. We have to dig deeper. What about eating less sugar so that you sleep better through the night and are more energetic and happier the next day? Or, how about because when you’re eating more sugar you notice your anxiety levels are worse? Or, perhaps you notice that your skin is clearer and has a nicer glow to it. Of course, the end result will be weight-loss as well, if you have weight to lose.

I know first hand that I have a steadier mood, less cravings, less anxiety and I sleep so much better, not to mention that my clothes fit better when I’m 95% off the sweet stuff. It’s for this reason that we have a 10 Day Sugar-Free Program. In this program, we focus on what to eat more of, so that sugar is an afterthought. You’ll see what I mean in that your energy is better (after the first couple of days), you’re mental health is stronger, your skin is clearer and your tummy is flatter.

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  • A meal plan with 4 refined sugar-free snacks, 4 breakfasts and 8 main course recipes that are high protein, easy and delicious so you have more energy.
  • Mindfulness strategies to identify the root cause of your cravings so you feel in control of them.
  • Strategies around eating out, drinking and social events because this is about helping you find balance, not guilt.
  • A printable PDF to track your daily goals so that you can maintain accountability and stay on track.

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