My Postpartum Experience with Sugar and Cravings

I'm now about 8 months postpartum, and I can tell you I've never noticed both the negative impacts of sugar and the incredible power of sugar cravings as much as I have in these last 8 months. Before you decide not to read this because you're not recently postpartum, let me tell you that issues with sugar is not just a thing for new moms, so please read on.

As any new Mom is, I was verrrrry tired in the beginning. Really the first four months are a total blur. Being so tired I started to rely on sweets to keep my energy going throughout the day. It's not that I was out eating candy bars daily; the food was still maple syrup sweetened for example, but sweets are sweets. Around four to five months, Sophie started sleeping through the night. HALLELUJAH! I thought I would feel better, but I had lost the ability to sleep through the night myself. I was still waking up once or twice in the night and having a hard time falling back asleep. If I wasn't breastfeeding, I likely would have given myself a supplement protocol to help, but so many herbs are off limits when you're breastfeeding that I was forced to come back to the basics, specifically blood sugar.

Ironically, the sweets I was having throughout the day or even at night to keep my energy levels up were really impacting my sleep. It was a vicious cycle because I would sleep poorly, be tired the next day, crave sugar and then continue to sleep poorly.

It's not that everyday is perfect, but recognizing the impact this was having on my sleep and then energy was SERIOUS motivation to replace some of those sugary snacks with savoury ones and to figure out an alternative to dessert every night. I can't believe how quickly my sleep and then subsequently energy improved on simply cutting out these treats that had crept into my routine.

The other interesting thing, which was not my motivation at first, was that as soon as I reduced those sweets, more of the extra baby weight came off too. Of course, your body needs time to go back to it's old self (or it's new and improved self as I like to say), but cutting back on sugar certainly makes the results come faster!

What does this mean for you?

You might not be dealing with postpartum sleep or body stuff, but perhaps you too don't sleep great, or notice that your energy yo-yo's throughout the day and has you reliant on sugar. Perhaps you have a bit of belly fat you'd like to trim, or maybe you'd like a little extra glow to your skin. The great news is that cutting your sugar can do ALL OF THESE THINGS. It's amazing!

It’s for this reason that we have a 10 Day Sugar-Free Program. In this program, we focus on what to eat more of, so that sugar is an afterthought. You’ll see what I mean in that your energy is better (after the first couple of days), you’re mental health is stronger, your skin is clearer and your tummy is flatter.

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Here's what you'll get, for just $29:

  • Daily guidance and resources to make it easy to quit sugar for good.
  • Tips from a nutrition, mindset and movement standpoint because cravings are linked to more than just your diet.
  • A meal plan with 4 refined sugar-free snacks, 4 breakfasts and 8 main course recipes that are high protein, easy and delicious so you have more energy.
  • Mindfulness strategies to identify the root cause of your cravings so you feel in control of them.
  • Strategies around eating out, drinking and social events because this is about helping you find balance, not guilt.
  • A printable PDF to track your daily goals so that you can maintain accountability and stay on track.

Why Join?

  • You want a quick & easy reset to boost your energy and have you feeling great
  • You struggle with bloating and suspect your digestion isn't what it should be
  • You know sugar is causing weight gain and you want to lose the extra pounds
  • You would like a bit more glow to your skin
  • Your sugar and carb cravings are out of control and you'd like to cut back on the sweets
  • You simply want some new, delicious, healthy sugar-free recipes organized into a meal plan

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