What an argument with my fiancé taught me

Hi everyone!

You know when you have that lightbulb “a-HA” moment? Well, that happened to me this past weekend, and I want to share it with you.

I don’t often get too personal on the blog. Actually, who am I kidding? There are stories of running to the bathroom, screwed up periods and crazy iron deficiencies, so maybe I do…but I guess I don’t often talk about Adam.

Adam is my handsome, wonderful fiancé. Here’s my all time fave pic of us at my best friend’s wedding. 🙂

One of the reasons we moved back to BC is because Adam is in the mining industry and got a new job for a Vancouver based company. He was initially commuting to Alaska from Toronto, which was in-saneeeee, so this was a great opportunity

Mining jobs are usually site based roles, meaning that you have to go to the site to work. For Adam, this means Northern BC. It’s pretty freaking beautiful, but it’s still far away.

And it means two weeks apart every month. This gets really challenging.. Mostly, I really miss him but I find myself thinking, “How long will he have to work up north?”… “I don’t know how long I can survive long distance.”…“Will I still be doing this in 5 years”?

It was seeming insurmountable.

I was speaking with a friend who’s husband also has a demanding job and I know it’s something they’ve had to learn to get used to. I was explaining my insecurities / frustrations, and she had some great advice. Rather than looking at it in the super long term and thinking about it as something that “future me” could never do this, think about it in bite size pieces.

Could I do it over the next 2 weeks? Of course! Could I do it over the next month? Heck yah, of course! That’s all that matters, and when there comes a point in time when I ask myself, can I do this for another 2 weeks and the answer is no, then you know it’s time to make a change (by the way I mean changing professions, not who the partner is haha).

So what the heck does this have to do with you and your nutrition?

Well, the exact same advice is brilliant for your health and I can’t believe I hadn’t made the connection.

I talk with people all the time who want to lose weight, maybe 10-15lbs. Some people think of this as a ton of weight and too difficult to do. Instead of looking at it as a large chunk, think of it as one pound at a time.

Or, maybe you’re thinking about losing the weight by a certain date, like 6 months from now. You think that it’s loads of time so it’s something you’ll deal with at a later date. However, all of a sudden time flies and you find yourself exactly where you were, with no improvements.

The key is to break it down. Here’s another example.

Let’s say you know something’s off with your digestion, but you have no idea how to figure it out. Break it down. Could you try eliminating gluten for simply 7 days? Of course you could. Could you then, 2 weeks later add a supplement in that repairs the gut tissue? Of course you could. All of a sudden, it’s broken down into shorter, easy steps and you are on track to truly fixing your digestion.

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