Introducing The Green Refresh Salad Bowl

I am so excited to tell you about my latest collaboration with Field & Social, a salad shop (soon to have multiple shops) in Vancouver. We’ve co-created a salad called the Green Refresh, that is incredibly healthy, clean and delicious and is perfect to fuel your weekday lunches on those days you didn’t have time to pack anything!

I was first introduced to Barbora, the founder of Field & Social, a couple of years ago and we quickly realized we have very similar philosophies for our businesses. After all, Field & Social’s philosophy is Eat Well, Feel Good, and this salad truly encompasses that!

What’s In The Green Refresh Salad Bowl

The Green Refresh Salad Bowl is insanely nutrient dense. For protein, we are using chicken (you can sub lentils to make it vegan!). For complex carbohydrates, we have sweet potatoes and roasted chickpeas. Then, for veggies, we have roasted broccolini, pickled carrot and cabbage, celery, kale and romaine.

What makes this salad so good is the avocado and tahini dressing that is based on a Green Goddess type dressing. It’s completely dairy free, but oh so creamy and flavourful. It’s full of fresh herbs and apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, garlic and more (I can’t give away the entire recipe now, can I!)

Why I Picked These Ingredients

A good recipe isn’t just about the flavour, it’s also about texture - think crunchy ingredients like roasted chickpeas. I can’t claim full responsibility for this salad because Nicki, Field & Social’s chef, and Barbora and I were all in on the ingredient choices and taste testing.

What’s important when I create a recipe though is that it’s going to be easy for you to digest, and not give you an afternoon slump! The Green Refresh Bowl is gluten free and dairy free (yay for no bloating afterwards!), refined sugar free and also grain free. Many people find their energy is better throughout the afternoon when they don’t go to heavy on the grains and instead focus on protein and veggies - the main ingredients of this salad.

From a nutrient standpoint, you’ll be pleased to know that this salad has a whopping 14g of fiber, 221% of your daily Vitamin C, 20 % of your daily calcium (even though it’s dairy free) and 23% of your daily recommended iron intake.

How To Get This Salad

Field & Social is located at 415 Dunsmuir Street, between Richards and Homer. They are opening a second location in the next couple of months in the Royal Centre (1055 W Georgia).

They also provide corporate catering that you can learn more about here. Make sure to include the Green Refresh Bowl in your order. :)

When you get your salad, make sure to take a picture and tag me on Instagram. Use the hashtag fieldandsocialxHEAL.

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