How I Stay On Track For A 10 Day Trip

I’m excitedly packing for a 12 day work (and a bit of pleasure) trip, so I wanted to give you a little peak into my suitcase…from a food perspective. (Nope, I won’t show you what outfits I’m going to be wearing hehe!)

Many of the clients I work with frequently travel for work, and they always say that traveling is the hardest time to stay ‘on track’. I agree and because this trip is a work trip AND 12 days long, I want to do everything I can do stay on track!!

For the first week, I’m going to be in New Jersey & Manhattan and the second week I’ll be in Toronto. I have NO worries about being in Manhattan as the New Yorkers have healthy food down pat. Heck, there is a juice and smoothie bar on every street corner (well, not really but it feels like it). Being in New Jersey on the other hand….I am nervous! In my experience, though it might have changed, small town New Jersey is certainly not health central.

Here’s my plan for New Jersey:

  • I cooked a massive dinner Sunday night and I plan to take as much as tupperware as my suitcase will hold (I have a fridge in the hotel room I’m staying at). I’m going to eat my own food for as long as I can.
  • I cooked the Dino Bowl, the Feelin’ Fresh Salad, and a chickpea salad that was a random mixture of what was in the fridge.
  • Then, today, I hit up the good ol’ health food store and bought some snack & breakfast foods (see below).
  • I love the Vega One protein powder because the consistency mixes really well with just water, so it’s an easy on the go breakfast or snack
  • I also love Skinny B and Holy Crap because I can just add water and it makes a breakfast cereal or snack. The Skinny B contains chia seeds, which are important for keeping digestion moving, which can be a bit less regular when traveling. (More on that here).
  • The Simply Bars and the Genuine Health bars are both gluten free protein bars that I like the taste of, and are great if I get in a pinch.
  • Lastly, the Natural Calm magnesium powder is also great for keeping the digestion regular, but is also calming, and most travel can be stressful (time changes, late nights, early mornings).

What you don’t see that I’m also bringing:

  • Natural Factors Melatonin 3mg. I will take 1/2 of one or 1.5mg the first couple of nights I’m on the new timezone – it’s a great way to adjust to the new timezone.
  • Natural Factors Vitamin C, which helps the body adjust to the new timezone and also helps with energy while traveling. It’s also great for recuperating from a few too many drinks (which may happen at the wedding in NYC!)
  • AOR B Complex – I take this all the time – so it’s coming with me!

*PS – You can grab these from Healthwave here.

Here’s my plan for New York:

  • We’re attending a wedding so I will certainly be indulging that night!
  • Afterwards, we’re staying with my brother, but will likely eat out quite a bit because, well, we’re in NYC baby! Now, to survive eating out, I will choose most of the restaurants and make sure they can 100% handle gluten free. Secondly, rather than being out for the day and then deciding where to eat once we’re hungry, I will have a couple ideas up my sleeve based on what neighbourhood we’re in. I will definitely be hitting up Liquiteria.

Here’s my plan for Toronto:

I get to stay with one of my besties there, so I’m going to take advantage of her kitchen. On day 1 that I get there, I’ll be hitting up the grocery store to make some simple recipes that will last me the next 3 days I’m there.

I will keep it simple, and likely bake some chicken breasts, roast some sweet potatoes and make a giant salad. I also have a sweet spot for IQ Foods, which makes sure healthy takeout, so I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m there a couple times too.

I will be filming some videos with EZTV Online, and doing two corporate talks to Facebook & Stikeman Elliot, so I’ve got to be feeling good.

At the end of the big work week, it’s time for a celebration with all our old Toronto friends, and then we’re off to my fiancé’s parents where there will be lots of wedding planning and delicious gluten free dessert that Adam’s Mom always spoils me with. 🙂


For me, while the food can be challenging at time, it’s actually sleeping properly that I find tough when traveling. Not sleeping in my own bed, combined with the time change, can make it hard to fall asleep or cause me to wake up in the night. Since I’m there for 12 days, I’m hoping I can adjust, but if not, I will also bring my favourite sleep remedy which is Ortho Sleep by AOR. It has a good mixture of calming & sedative herbs. I should also mention that I’m going to attempt to exercise as much as I can, even if it’s an in-room yoga class from Do Yoga With Me (free online yoga classes!) because that’s also great for sleep.

Oh, and LOTS of water!!! I’ll be sure to stay hydrated.

For those of you that travel a lot, I hope you find this helpful.

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