The Balance Your Blood Sugar Program is Back, with Limited Spots

I am so pleased to announce the Balance Your Blood Sugar Program is back, with limited spots, this fall!
I love this program so much because it allows you to feel in control of your body and food choices using real-time data to see how food is impacting your blood sugar and body. Participants in our last round lost weight, had more energy, slept better, improved their pre-diabetes risk, and learned how to eat optimally for their body, in just 4 weeks.
Click here to register (and save $150) now - we start November 6th!

How the Balance Your Blood Sugar Program Works

1. Get real-time feedback on how your body's metabolism works.

Upon registering, you’ll be sent a link to get your glucose monitor mailed sent to you. This only takes 2-3 business days for most people. You will also receive a welcome package with our CGM basics – how to insert it pain-free, a link to our weekly Zoom calls, and what levels to aim for in your monitoring. This allows you to start getting real-time feedback on how your body’s metabolism works.

2. Understand how food and lifestyle affect your blood sugar.

Each week we’ll meet live on Zoom for our coaching session (these sessions will be recorded if you can’t join live.) During this hour, I’ll share simple-to-follow guidance on a different aspect of blood sugar monitoring and ways to reduce your spikes (and therefore improve your weight, energy, cravings, hormones, and diabetes/heart disease risk), along with recipes and practical suggestions.

3. Optimize your bio-individual blood sugar for long-term blood sugar balance.

You’ll also be able to share your own blood glucose reports with me to receive guidance and suggestions and ask any questions you may have. As part of the program, you’ll receive custom weekly meal plans and recipes that lead to balanced blood sugar (and in turn, lower diabetes risk, more energy, better sleep, less cravings, and the list goes on!) By the end of the 4 weeks together you’ll feel in control of your body and food choices so that your results can easily be maintained long-term.

Limited Spots Available + $150 Discount!

Due to the individual feedback I provide, this program is limited to a small number of people (10 spots total and 1 is already gone). Right now we have a $150 off promotion. If you have any questions, you can also hit reply to this email, or book a time to chat here.

Click here to save your spot and balance your blood sugar now - we start November 6th!

What Sam had to say about the program:

"One of the most unexpected things I’ve experienced so far in this program is in how I’m feeling from a mental clarity and focus perspective! I feel more motivated, less foggy and jump out of bed excited which hasn’t been the case for over a year. I expected to see changes by paying attention to my blood sugar levels but this has been such a welcome side effect. I will definitely continue monitoring my glucose after the program ends. It has been such an educational experience and I’m excited to see how I feel over the next two weeks."

The Balance Your Blood Sugar Program helps you lose weight, increase energy and balance your blood glucose WITHOUT having to sacrifice your lifestyle, in as little as 4 weeks.

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