The Balance Your Blood Sugar Program

This four-week program will teach you how to use a continuous glucose monitor to:

  • increase energy,
  • reduce cravings,
  • improve sleep
  • lose weight,
  • improve hormones, specifically PCOS and menopause
  • improve heart health (blood pressure, diabetes risk, CVD risk)

As part of this program, you will receive:

  • live coaching with Mandy, the founder of HEAL, in an intimate group where you can learn from both your own data and others' as well
  • the opportunity to share your specific CGM results for 1:1 guidance
  • 4 weeks of blood sugar balancing meal plans and recipes
  • blood sugar 'hacks' so you can still enjoy the food you want to, without the blood sugar spikes
  • weekly lessons on various aspects of blood sugar balance so that you can feel more energetic, stop craving sweets, improve your sleep and lose weight, if that's a goal of yours
  • support in understanding how to best use a continuous glucose monitor for life-long changes, without the restrictive or yo-yo dieting

The $200 discount will automatically be applied.

Note: This does not include the glucose monitor ($100 per 2 weeks, so $200 total) - you must purchase it separately, and once you join this program, instructions will be sent on how to get it.

Balance Your Blood Sugar

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