My Food Journal

Since starting HEAL, about once a year I try to do a post sharing exactly what I’ve been eating. Just like anything, it evolves over time, so what I was eating in 2014 and 2015 isn’t exactly the same as now.

You can always see a much more up to date food journal in pictures if you follow along on my Instagram.

Do I have a label for the way I eat?

Well, 100% gluten free given that I’m Celiac and a drop of gluten makes me really sick. But, other than that I would say I’m still following the “pegan” approach – paleo meets vegan. I feel my best with good quality animal and fish protein, but aim to get a TON of veggies in each day – usually 7-8 servings! I’ll do a little tally below each meal so you get a sense for how many servings I’m getting.

Changes since last year:

If there’s a major change between this year and last, it’s that I’ve cut back on my grains – I find given that I’m Celiac, the grains are a bit tough on my digestion. Here and there, no big deal, but better without large quantities. I’ve also cut back significantly on sugar – even the good kind like maple syrup, honey, dates, because well, I’m getting married this year and want to look fabulous 😉  (This was NOT the case on my bachelorette as there were MANY sugary mojitos and piña coladas consumed LOL – I’m talking on a regular day).


This is where you’ll probably think I’m a bit weird, but it’s how I feel best! Often times, breakfast goes between leftover dinner foods and my fave smoothie recipe. Breakfast is the meal that balances out your blood sugar, and if you eat something starchy or something lacking protein, it’s setting you up for cravings and low energy in the afternoon!

If I have ‘dinner’ leftovers for breakfast, then I’ll switch out the smoothie to be lunch…depends what my schedule is and what’s in the fridge.

This is the smoothie I’m obsessed with and I rarely make any changes to it as I love it so much:

  • 1.5 cups water
  • 1 cup frozen berries
  • 1 TBSP almond butter
  • 1 TBSP flax seed (freshly ground)
  • 2 large handfuls spinach
  • 1 scoop protein powder1 – Right now I’m using the Sunwarrior Classic Vanilla Protein, but I rotate between that, Genuine Health and Vega Sport!

(2 servings vegetables)

If I have dinner leftovers, it will usually be a small piece of fish or chicken or grass fed beef, with a salad and roasted veggies. (3 servings veggies)


If I haven’t had a smoothie yet today, lunch might be a smoothie; otherwise, I’ve been LOVING Happy Planet Split Pea Soup (one of their higher protein, no sugar flavours), and Le Grand Indian Dhal Soup. These soups are super clean ingredients, and honestly just save time to throw with some already cooked veggies. Today, as I write this, I’ve got my Le Grand soup in a tupperware with a giant handful of arugula and roasted cauliflower in it. I mix it altogether and it’s great!

(2 servings veggies)


I recently discovered Socca bread. LIFE CHANGING. I haven’t posted a recipe for it yet, but am going to. Really though, if you google it you will find one – they are kind of all the same. I’ve been making Socca bread and lathering it with hummus; I’ve also been eating Simply Protein bars, Genuine Health Fermented Vegan Bars and having apples with cinnamon. It’s a variety!


For dinner, I kid you not I’ve made my Lemony Dill Detox Salad more times than I can count. Lately, I’ve also been making a simple salmon recipe of just salmon, salt, pepper & lemon baked at 425 for 10-12 minutes. I’ve also been mowing down on asparagus as it’s in season.

Here’s my rule of thumb for dinner:

  • Protein: size of palm (ish)
  • Complex Carb: what you can cup your hand in (about 1/2-1 cup) – roasted yams are my go to
  • Veg: half the plate
  • Healthy fat: 1-2 thumbs worth

(2-3 servings veggies)

I’m actually in Toronto right now as I write this and last week, prior to getting to a place where I was going to cook, had my fair share of meals out. My go to was Kupfert & Kim. My gosh Kupfert and Kim’s smoothies and salads are good (see below!)! I also went to Mamakas Tavern – amazing Greek food, and Campechano for Mexican! YUM!

Do I Have Cheat Days?

I personally hate the ‘cheat day’ term because it makes eating healthy seem restrictive, but of course I don’t eat perfectly all the time. I like to think of it as a 90/10 – when I’m out or traveling, I love to enjoy whatever food we’re eating, and when I’m cooking at home, it is really healthy and looks like all the photos above.

How Often Do I Cook?

It depends! If you follow me on snacphat (mandyking00), it likely seems like I’m cooking a lot. That is usually when Adam (my fiancé) is around as he has the metabolism of a horse! (Do horses have a good metabolism?!) Otherwise, I cook twice per week, just like in my meal plans and then have time the other nights to exercise or see friends.

For me, eating this way means that I have good energy and feel really good. When I’m eating like this and going to the effort to cook, I sleep better and I crave less of the sweet stuff. My pants also fit better too.

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