Freezer Meals to Make Before Baby Arrives

You know how much of an advocate of meal planning and meal prepping I am. It is hands down what keeps us eating home cooked food when the week gets busy!! For me, it also answers that annoying question, "What's For Dinner?" and, when I'm using my own plans, gives me creative new ideas of what to make, instead of just the same old few dishes. So, when Baby K was still on her way, I decided to take it one step further and meal prep for my freezer!

Most Sundays in December I spent a little extra time making food for the freezer in advance of Baby K’s arrival. Adam did our regular meal prep for the week and then everything I made went straight for the freezer. Regardless of whether you’re expecting, I thought it might be useful for you to see what I made in advance. It really never hurts to have a little something extra in the freezer waiting for you on a busy week!

The other thing I was reminded of while I was doing this prep is that the extra time it takes to make a double batch of something (like muffins for example) is so minimal. If you’re already going to be in the kitchen making one batch, why not make a second and stick it in the freezer?

Many of these recipes are taken directly from our Weekly Meal Planning Program, which you can learn more about here.

Main Courses I Made:

Cleaned Up Shepherd’s Pie

I love this recipe because it takes what would be a traditionally super heavy meal full of milk, butter and sometimes cream and lightens it up. Yet, it’s still a really hearty warming dish perfect to fill up a hungry breastfeeding mom!

Turkey Burgers (triple batch)

Burgers are just so simple to pull out of the freezer and reheat. Since I’d already made a few recipes with ground beef, I made these with ground turkey. The sun-dried tomatoes add such a nice flavour to this recipe! Grab the recipe when you sign up for our Weekly Meal Plans.

Bolognese Sauce (triple batch)

This recipe is here. I didn’t make the spaghetti squash part, but now that we have an Instant Pot, we can have cooked spaghetti squash ready in 10 minutes! It’s also easy to do in the oven, but just takes longer.

Moroccan Chicken

I can’t take credit for this recipe, but it is one of our favourites from Against All Grain. I simplify it and don’t add the apricots. I also didn’t make the cauliflower couscous - I will make my own simple cauliflower rice when I pull the dish out of the freezer.

Snacks I Made:

Energy Balls (triple batch)

You really don’t need a recipe for these, but I do know our Weekly Meal Plans have a deeeelish recipe for Low Sugar Energy Bites and Cinnamon Ginger Energy Balls. The key with energy bites is that they are a combination of nuts and dates as the base. Almonds in particular are considered to be a great food for breastfeeding. These bites are full of ground almonds and almond butter

Paleo Blueberry Muffins (double batch)

These are the simplest muffins ever and so delicious. I actually made two different versions and I will admit not all of them made it into the freezer. In fact, I had made a triple batch, but we ended up eating the first batch as snacks already so I only froze a double batch. Grab the recipes when you sign up for our Weekly Meal Plans.

Grain Free Banana Muffins (double batch)

These muffins can be made entirely in the food processor. Talk about easy!! I am sure I’ll be making more of these even with the baby around because they are so quick and simple. Also, the only sweetener we use is bananas, which is also a win in my books. Grab the recipe when you sign up for our Weekly Meal Plans.

Apple Carrot Ginger Muffins

I love ginger anything, especially in muffins. These are really hearty and you get a serving of veggies in them. You can grab the recipe here. Plus, these are one of Adam’s favourite muffin recipes that I make.

What are your favourite freezer meals? Don't forget to join our Weekly Meal Planning Program if you are looking for healthy, quick and delicious recipes.

Here's what our Meal Planning Clients have to say...

Our family has LOVED Mandy’s weekly meal plans – the recipes are delicious and make us feel good. It has taken the guess out of dinner and we are so much more organized for the week. The meals are easy to put together, and I love how they are completely different each week. It’s been great to get us back on track for family dinner after our second baby, and Mandy’s meals are toddler approved! - Barbora M.
I just wanted to write to say that your HEAL meal plans were some of the best money I have ever spent. I've tried every diet in the book and lots of meal plans in the past. The problem always ended up being that my husband found the meals too restrictive and/ or bland. I have found all your recipes filling, delicious and very easy to prepare. The variety is really appealing and my husband is gobbling them up without complaints. I love that they consist of easy to find ingredients that I usually have on hand. I started slowly with just one or two of the dinners per week but now I am happy to say that I look forward to receiving my new meal plan every week...I am building a repertoire of delicious meals that are full of real ingredients. Side benefit... I lost 6 lbs.... and I really wasn't being that angelic! :) Anyway, just wanted to say thank you. You are great at what you do. - Estrella Achong-Szakac

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