Do You Get Hangry??

Lately, I’ve been hearing the word “hangry” used in jest more and more.  For those not up to speed on the definitions in Urban Dictionary, “hangry” is a term used to facetiously describe someone who gets angry, or moody, when they get hungry.  Back in university I traveled with a girlfriend through Europe for six weeks, and after a few weeks of spending every waking minute together, she knew that there were certain times of the day that it was in both of our best interests that she fed me to keep my mood in check.

Since improving my diet, I don’t really get “hangry” anymore, or the blood sugar dips.  Day to day, if I’m a bit hungry, my mood is still stable.  As I keep hearing the term hangry, I thought it would be worth a post on a few tips to simply fix this symptom of blood sugar issues.  Not everyone gets “hangry” and it is in fact not normal to become moody in between meals, so here are my 3 tips to cure your hanger-ness (We’ll see when urban dictionary pics up that one).

3 Tips to Avoid Being Hangry

  1. Up your protein content in the morning (smoothies, eggs, oatmeal with nuts/seeds).
  2. Have a snack between meals, before you’re starving, that has some protein and healthy fat and is not high in sugar. Plan your day and try to keep your snacks with you so that you can preempt the hunger.
  3. Stay hydrated and go easy on the caffeine intake.

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