Why You Are So Tired

I was just on a biz trip where I went to and from Toronto in 48 hours, so it’s no surprise why I am so tired today. It was a fun, but busy whirlwind. It’ll take me a few days and then I should be feeling good again!

What happens though if it isn’t just from a busy few days or a trip that leaves you tired? What if low energy has become your new normal? What if you barely feel alive by 7pm at night? You feel sluggish, lethargic, exhausted and just plain unmotivated because you're so tired!

Well, as with many symptoms, it means there is something else at play, and it might be your adrenal glands.

What Are Your Adrenal Glands?

Your adrenal glands are two little glands that sit on top of your kidneys. They are responsible for producing many of your hormones, but particularly your stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. During a period of acute stress (i.e. you get scared by something) they produce adrenaline for a short amount of time. During a period of chronic stress (i.e. you don’t like your job, you have a death in the family), they produce excess cortisol. 

Why Cortisol Matters

The thing with cortisol is that your adrenals can only overproduce and help you deal with the stress for so long. Eventually your adrenals get ‘fatigued’. When this is the case, your energy really takes a toll, and you can end up in a state of adrenal fatigue.

Signs Your Adrenals Are Out Of Balance:

  • You are too tired to cook dinner when you get home and find yourself on the couch most of the night
  • You don’t have enough energy to exercise
  • You have trouble falling asleep or you wake up in the night
  • You get the afternoon slump, even if you eat a healthy lunch
  • You are lacking motivation and feeling lazy
  • Your brain feels fuzzy, and concentrating or focusing is really tough
  • You just always feel tired and sluggish
  • Your sugar cravings are outta control, even though you’re eating mostly healthy meals

What Can You Do?

With the right combination of rest, sleep, mindset, nutrients and specific herbs, you can fix your adrenal fatigue so that you aren’t tired, have more energy and feel yourself again. 

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