3 Foods I’m Loving Right Now

People tend to be very curious about what I eat – I think it just goes with the nutritionist title. 🙂   I am pretty transparent that I live by the 80/20 rule, as I don’t believe everyone’s perfect.  However, I also believe that health is a continual journey and there are always little improvements that can be made here or there. I am always on a mission to see what little changes I can make and what new healthy foods I can find to add to my diet.  So, under that context, I’d love to share 3 nutritionist approved foods that I’m LOVING right now.

1) Inner-J Bars

You know from this post that it is next to impossible to find a packaged snack bar that isn’t secretly FULL of sugar.  Well, Justyna, a fellow nutritionist, has managed to create a bar that fits all my criteria for healthy!  The ingredients are pure, they are high in protein, they have some healthy fats, and best of all, they are low in sugar.  They are called Inner-J Bars and you can get them in many health food stores in Toronto, along with on FoodiePages.ca.

2) Natural Delights Date Rolls

Natural Delights is an amazing date company (not online – Medjool dates hehe).  They grow high quality dates in North America.  While I use their dates in all of my baking, I really like their date rolls as an ‘on the go’ post workout snack, or if I need fuel on a really long run (10+ km).  Dates are actually very nutrient dense, high in fiber, and 50% higher in potassium than bananas.

3) Holy Crap

Holy Crap is a cereal I’ve posted about here before, but they’ve recently come out with a healthy ‘on the go’ version of their cereal.  It contains only 7 ingredients, all of which you understand exactly what they are and can pronounce.  It’s also gluten free, diary free and full of healthy Omega 3s!! Given all the superfoods in it, it’s also very high in fiber to keep that digestion on track!

What healthy foods are YOU loving these days? Let me know!!

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