HEAL’s Healthy Snack Idea: Almond Butter Bites

As you know, I’m constantly on the lookout for new, healthy snack ideas, and so was excited that I had some time over the Holidays to do some recipe testin’.  Yes, this occurred over the Holidays, and I’m just getting to it now.  My brother and I had some fun with it and created a new #HEALreel, or super quick recipe video.  (If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen it.)

There are a few things I’m looking for when it comes to a HEAL approved healthy snack:

  • Good dose of protein
  • Low sugar, or at least no refined sugar
  • Gluten free and dairy free

As with a lot of my recipes, this one is raw, and really takes no time at all!  It’s got a good dose of protein from the almond butter and the hemp hearts and cacao.  The source of sweetness comes from some dates, and goji berries, which are an incredible source of antioxidants.  Lastly, it is DEFINITELY gluten and dairy free, and is gosh darn delicious, if you ask me!  In fact, these could really double up as a healthy dessert too.


Here are a couple of time saver options for the recipe:

  • Instead of rolling into individual balls, press the dough into a small baking pan and cut into granola bars.
  • Forego the extra cup of coconut for the outside.

Prep Time:

15 mins

Cook Time:

0 mins

Total Time:

15 mins




  • ½ cup walnuts
  • 1 cup Medjool dates, pitted
  • ½ cup almond butter (I used raw, organic)
  • ¼ cup hemp hearts
  • ¼ cup goji berries
  • ¼ cup raw cacao nibs
  • 1 cup + ¼ cup unsweetened coconut flakes
  • Optional, but recommended: ¼ cup mini chocolate chips (I used Enjoy Life so they’re dairy free)
  • Optional: Add a scoop of Genuine Health Clean Collagen for extra protein


  1. Pulse walnuts and dates in food processor until well mixed
  2. Add almond butter, hemp hearts, goji berries, cacao nibs, and chocolate chips and ¼ cup of coconut flakes and continue mix again until all ingredients are well mixed
  3. Remove from food processor and place in bowl
  4. If the coconut flakes you have are large, I recommend giving them a good spin in the food processor so they’re tiny flakes and then place in a separate bowl. If not, skip this step and place coconut flakes in separate bowl.
  5. Form the dough into 15-20 small balls, rolling each one in the coconut flakes.
  6. Store in the freezer for up to 1 month.

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