Natural Cures for UTIs

Nobody really talks about it, but 50-60% of women will get a UTI (urinary tract infection) in their lifetime! The even more shocking fact is that of the women who get them 30% will have recurring UTIs (3 or more per year) throughout their life.

In the last 2 weeks, I’ve received 2 separate emails about them, so figured it was time for a blog on UTIs.

The Bad News On UTIs:

While UTIs are totally treatable, here is the typical order of events with a UTI:

  1. You get the UTI
  2. You go on antibiotics for your UTI
  3. The antibiotics kill off everything: the UTI + the beneficial bacteria
  4. The UTI temporarily goes away
  5. A few weeks/months later, it comes back
  6. You need antibiotics again…
  7. You get the gist….
  8. Other symptoms perhaps arise due to chronic antibiotic use (digestive problems, skin conditions, etc)

It doesn’t have to be this way, so keep reading!

What Causes UTIs:

80% of UTIs are caused from the E. Coli virus getting into the urinary tract. This can happen from wiping the wrong way (it’s front to back, folks), or even from a bout of diarrhea. UTIs are also commonly referred to as “honeymoon cystitis” (i.e. having a lot of sex), and can also come from not peeing after intercourse.

In cases where the UTI is chronic and doesn’t go away, you want to ensure that it’s not interstitial cystitis (a non bacterial form) that results in chronic inflammation of the bladder. Your doctor can test you for this.

*UTIs are even more common during pregnancy, because the hormonal changes alter the vaginal bacteria, making you more susceptible to infections!

How To Cure A UTI Naturally, Without Antibiotics:


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, probiotics are so so critical for this. I recommend the Ultra Flora Balance probiotic by Metagenics. If recurring UTIs are an issue for you, I would add in the Ultra Flora Women’s probiotic also by Metagenics. While it’s a low dosage, it contains specific beneficial strains for the vaginal area.

AOR UTI Cleanse:

This product contains D Mannose and cranberry extract. D Mannose is a sugar that the body doesn’t digest, so it passes through the body and is excreted. It also attracts the bacteria from the infection, latches on and is then eliminated.

With chronic UTIs, you have to get ahead of them, so I recommend you take this at a maintenance dosage, meaning you are taking it even if you don’t have symptoms at 1 tablet, 2x daily. Then, if you feel the slightest hint of a symptom, increase your dosage to 2 tablets, 4x daily for 2 days, then 3x a day for 2 days, and then back down to 2x a day for 1 day.

That should kick the UTI’s butt!!


Finally, acidic foods for the bladder, like citrus, tomatoes and caffeine containing foods should be avoided.

My Closing Thoughts

As with so many symptoms I talk about on the blog, often times, a condition like a UTI is your body telling you something is out of balance. Perhaps there are underlying food sensitivities, bacterial imbalances or something else at play. Chronic UTIs are not normal and certainly something you can handle naturally. If you’d like to book a time to chat more about your health, click here.

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