Fresh In Your Fridge Personalized Meal Prep & Private Chef Service

Being Celiac, and having a number of dietary preferences over and above just gluten-free (along with a husband who has his own preferences), home meal delivery kits have never worked perfectly for our family. 

Nearing the end of my pregnancy with Charlotte this summer I was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed trying to keep up with our cooking. I had met Erika, the founder of a company called Fresh In Your Fridge (FIYF) at an event I did a few years back and had followed them on Instagram for a while, and thought I would reach out to see if FIYF could help us out with some pre-made meals, pre and post baby.

Since we work with a lot of clients that have specific dietary requests and because the entire process was so wonderful, I wanted to share the details of this custom meal delivery company with you, incase you want to take advantage of this amazing offering.

What Is Fresh In Your Fridge?

Fresh In Your Fridge is a Vancouver-based Personalized Meal Prep & Private Chef Service. They are a team of nutritionists AND chefs who work together to provide you with exactly what you want, in pre-made, delicious meals.

They really focus on the customization aspect, working with you and your family to get dinner on the table, with something that works for everyone. They work with families who have allergies and sensitivities, are on specialized diets, or who just have differing needs and opinions at the dinner table. They focus on quality with 70-100% organic ingredients, healthy and delicious food, all made by holistic chefs. Something else  I thought was great was their containers are reused, so there is zero waste in the delivery process.

Pre-covid, FIYF would either come cook in your house, or bring you the food pre-made. I believe now due to COVID, they are primarily cooking out of your house and just delivering it.

How It Works

Before you sign up, you have a consultation with a nutritionist.  Each menu is made just for you (no batch cooking or standard menus each week). You get a a dedicated chef and you work with them each week to create your menu. We loved our chef, Fenny, who always asked for feedback and anything we’d like changed for the following week. After consulting with your nutritionist and talking about exactly what you want, your chef will send you your weekly menu each week. Here are some examples of our menu from Fenny:

My Review on Fresh In Your Fridge

Adam and I were skeptical that someone could deliver us meals that a) filled up Adam who eats a TON haha, and b) that we both really liked. They hit the nail on the head. The portions were great, and the food was delicious. We loved how each week was entirely different. We had asked that some of the meals be freezable for after having Charlotte, so we are still enjoying some freezer meals on chaotic days when we don’t have anything prepped ourselves.

It is not an inexpensive service, but for us it was worth it at the end of my pregnancy and into the newborn days. It is incredibly important to me to eat well, especially when I’m exhausted (hello sleepless nights with a newborn!) as I know it makes a difference to my energy!

If you are interested, FIYF has agreed to provide HEAL readers 10% off - just mention my name when speaking with Lindsey, the account manager.

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