5 Herbs To Boost Your Energy

Herbs can be a fantastic way to boost your energy; that is, adaptogenic herbs. In fact, if you’re wondering what adaptogenic herbs are, you’ve come to the right place.

Adaptogenic herbs are a type of herb that helps your body adapt to stress and helps your energy levels adapt. If you are highly anxious or can’t calm down, they can calm you down, or if you are feeling depleted and exhausted, they can help improve your energy. Adaptogens can also help with sleep.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, adaptogens are not for you.

Here are 5 herbs to boost your energy:

Liquorice Root

Not to be used with anyone that has high blood pressure, liquorice root is excellent for increasing cortisol levels in someone with stage three adrenal fatigue (exhaustion!). It can be overstimulating for some people though, especially those who suffer from anxiety.


One of my favourites, I often take rhodiola before I do a live event or talk as it makes my brain super duper sharp! Rhodiola is good for increasing brain clarity, increasing motivation and reducing depression. If someone is feeling physically or mentally fatigued, rhodiola can help.

Panax Ginseng

Ginseng actually improves concentration and helps reduce stress. I’ve found panax ginseng to be nice when it’s in a combination supplement and not just on its own.

Lion’s Mane

These last two aren’t actually herbs - they’re mushrooms. Not the magic mushrooms you might be thinking of though! You’ll notice common themes here where many of these adaptogens work nicely to boost your brain function. That’s because adrenal fatigue can often come with brain fog. Lion’s Mane is also anti-inflammatory and may reduce inflammation in fatty tissue, according to a Japanese study. I typically get Lion’s Mane from Four Sigmatic


Cordyceps is also a mushroom. A trial done in 2006 found that a group of males who had exercise induced cortisol dysfunction had improved cortisol with cordyceps. 

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