10 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

Alrighty folks, it is officially December and the holiday scramble is ON!  For me, it’s not the actual purchasing of gifts that I find hard, it’s actually coming up with ideas that is tough.  So, I thought about some fun gifts I’ve received in the past, or items I’ve seen other bloggers talk about to come up with a list of 10 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas.  I’ve ordered them from cheapest to most expensive.

1.  Giddy Yo Yo Chocolate

In my post on chocolate I explained why not all chocolate is bad.  Giddy YoYo fits into the ‘good chocolate’ category!  I can say that this is an IDEAL stocking stuffer, or small gift; though I doubt you will be able to buy just 1 flavour. 🙂

2.  Lemon Juicer (Click to buy)

Funnily enough, I still don’t have one of these – but I have put in a special request to Santa!  This helps you maximize your lemon juice for your morning lemon water, while also making sure none of the seeds fall in. There are other versions but I like this one!

3.  Mason Jars

Mason jars are for more than just canning!  They’re a great alternative to plastic tupperware, they are good for transporting your morning smoothie, and well, yes they are good for canning too!  I saw these ones on Oh She Glows, but Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond also carries them!

4.  Glass Straws

Strawesomes are glass straws that are an incredibly eco friendly alternative to plastic straws.  What’s even better – they have a lifetime guarantee, so if they do break (and I tell you from experience that it’s next to impossible to break these suckers), you can return them for free.

5. Anthropologie Apron

A friend gave me an Anthropologie apron a couple of years ago for Christmas, and it’s such a treat to wear it!  You get to feel somewhat dressed up in the kitchen, which is a rare occasion!  Plus, when you’re making this beet salad, your clothes will be protected from icky pink stains!

6.  The Honest Company Products (Click to buy)

My bff (who makes this awesome salsa) got me onto The Honest Company.  It’s actually Jessica Alba’s company that she started once she had her first child.  She was freaked out at what chemicals were getting on her baby’s skin (and her own for that matter), so created a line of really clean products.

7.  Namaste Yoga Tote

Basically anything Lulu is going to be a winner, but this is a cute yogi gift!  It can hold your yoga mat and your towel and also has space for a water bottle!  It also gives the recipient a little kick in the butt motivation to get to yoga!

8.  Spiralizer

I personally own this Spiralizer and absolutely love it.  Pasta is a total comfort food, but occasionally you just don’t want the heaviness that is associated with it.  This nifty gadget will make raw veggies noodles that (since they are raw) are chock full of nutrients!  You can also spiralize apples and even potatoes!

9.  Juicer

There’s a pattern emerging here because I also own this juicer.  It’s definitely the juicer I would recommend to anyone looking to buy a juicer.  First of all, it’s a masticating juicer, not a centrifugal.  Masticating juicers process the juice at a slower RPM, which leaves more of the nutrients in the juice.  Also, this one is a breeze to clean versus some that I’ve seen!

10. Blendtec (Click to buy)

If you’re looking for the mother of all gifts, here she is!  Your smoothies will never be the same!  This blender will blend CRAZY amounts of kale, and well, just about anything else you put in it.  Case in point with this YouTube video . It’s similar to to the Vitamix, but a bit smaller, so for those with smaller kitchens, it takes up less space.

What have you asked Santa for this year?

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