My #1 kitchen strategy for actually living a healthy lifestyle.

The other day, lunch time was fast approaching and I was starving. I opened my fridge and it was empty. GROWL, said my stomach. So what did I do? I went and grabbed takeout. By the time I was hungry, there was no chance I was going to go get groceries and then take the time to cook. Not. A. Chance. Instead, I paid $13 for some takeout that tasted ok if I’m generous, resulted in feeling a bit tired and a bit bloated and left me without any leftovers for my next meal. Now, I knew this wasn’t the absolute best food to eat, but I didn’t care because I was hungry.

The #1 problem with a healthy lifestyle isn’t necessarily knowing WHAT to eat, it’s actually doing it. We all know vegetables are healthy, but it’s the process of deciding which veggies to buy, what a tasty recipe would be for them, and then actually making the recipe that is difficult.

And let’s face it, this requires effort. Effort that when you’re hungry, busy or tired, you might not want to do.

So, what can you do to actually stay on track and avoid that situation I faced?

It all comes down to the simple art of meal planning, and this is why I do it:

  • When I open the fridge, there is food in it – and healthy, delicious food at that, that gives me energy and keeps my tummy flat.
  • I can spend my evenings doing other things like going to Bar Method (my new fave workout), Yoga, or with friends.
  • It saves me time and money by shopping for only the ingredients I need
  • It’s a lifestyle that I can stick to, vs a yo-yo approach to eating 100% perfectly and then falling off the bandwagon completely and feeling awful.

Here’s why my clients use the HEAL Meal Plans:

  • It saves me time during the week
  • I find I waste less food (it’s all portioned out and accessible and I use it all up)
  • I only have to clean once – I get all my dishes done and have a clean kitchen for the whole week.

– Laura

Here’s what my clients experience when they use the HEAL Meal Plans:

  • I have much more energy, most of my cravings have ceased
  • I rarely suffer from digestive issues (only when I seem to stray from the program…)
  • I’m rarely hungry, and feel much healthier overall
  • I think that I’ve finally found a lifestyle that I can sustain on a day to day basis, and I’m excited to see what the coming weeks will bring!

– Andree

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