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Nutrients to Support Your Immune System Right Now | Healthy Eating And Living

will be back soon! Nutrients to Support Your Immune System Right Now. With COVID-19 news everywhere you turn, we debated writing this article in the first place, but we feel strongly that it’s important to provide some empowering (and science-based

Get Sick Often? It Might Be Due to This | Healthy Eating And Living

did I know at the time, your gut health is hugely connected to your immune system. In fact, 70-80% of your immune system is located in your gut. Needless to say, after I resolved those issues by removing gluten and killing off the parasite, not only did my

5 Ways To Prevent Getting Sick This Cold & Flu Season | Healthy Eating And Living

weakened immune system (thanks pregnancy!), and I was out for almost a week! I want to make sure that doesn’t happen to you though, so today I’ve got some preventative tips on how to stay healthy this cold and flu season! Being pregnant, there’s not much I can

5 Ways To Boost Your Child’s Immune System | Healthy Eating And Living

will be back soon! 5 Ways To Boost Your Child’s Immune System. Sophie and I sometimes go to a Mom and Baby cafe to play and the most recent time we were there, there were so many kids with snotty noses and loud coughs! It’s inevitable that as Sophie builds up

Supplements That Actually Work for Immunity | Healthy Eating And Living

will be back soon! Supplements That Actually Work for Immunity. Just like that, cold and flu season is once again upon us. Scrolling the aisles of the drug store, there are countless supplements marketed as immune system boosters. Many of them are expensive

The AIP Diet to Heal Autoimmune Disease | Healthy Eating And Living

disease. What Is An Autoimmune Disease? As you know, one of the immune system’s primary roles is to fight infections. Your immune system creates antibodies to bind to substances that it recognizes as foreign, like viruses, bacteria or other chemicals. When

The Connection Between Seasonal Allergies & Your Gut Health | Healthy Eating And Living

should include support for a healthy microbiome - the community of bacteria that reside in your gut. The Connection Between Allergies & Your Gut Health. An allergy is an immune system response to a substance, like fur, pollen or food, to which the immune

3 Things Every Female Can Do For Breast Cancer Prevention | Healthy Eating And Living

different recipes to try! Creamy Broccoli Salad RecipeGarlic Roasted CauliflowerDetox Salad with Avocado Dressing. Support Your Immune System. For us Canadians, and many Americans, we’re about to enter the 6 months of the year where we see less and less

Is Adrenal Fatigue Ruining Your Digestion? | Healthy Eating And Living

doesn’t really ever subside, and that’s where the problem occurs. When cortisol is released chronically, it alters the way your immune system functions and creates systemic inflammation. An overactive immune system and inflammation damage the digestive

Is Food Sensitivity Testing Really Worth It? | Healthy Eating And Living

delayed up to 48 hours. As a response to the antigen, your immune system will create an antibody, which is a specialized protein that binds to the antigen and either neutralizes it or “tags” it for another cell of the immune system to deal with. For example