Chocolate-Banana Green Smoothie

I think it’s about time for a new smoothie recipe!  I’m SO impressed at how many people have told me they’ve gone out and bought the Sunwarrior protein powder.  Someone in South Korea even let me know he ordered it online!  I’ve also heard a lot of positive feedback on people’s energy levels in the morning from switching to a smoothie.  They feel less of the need for the caffeine when they’ve had lemon water and a healthy, high protein breakfast like a smoothie.

At first glance, this smoothie looks the same as my first green smoothie recipe.  The only real similarity is the protein and the colour.  This smoothie actually has a banana base, which makes it soooo creamy!  I don’t always use bananas as the base of my green smoothies because they have a bit more sugar and are slightly higher glycemic load than berries.  I still love bananas, but I use them less often and more for a change rather than everyday.

Instead of spinach, I added kale this time.  Kale does have a bit more of a “green” taste than spinach, but since the banana is so creamy and sweet it really offsets it.  Another addition to this recipe was almond butter.  I find the almond butter helps keep me satiated for longer and also really adds flavour.  All that being said, my favourite addition to this recipe is the raw cacao nibs, for the chocolate-y flavour they add!

Cacao nibs are an unprocessed form of cacao with no added sugar.  They’re a GREAT source of antioxidants, and provide really good mineral content as well.  Seems to me like I’ll have to do an “In Mandy’s Pantry” on cacao on it’s own.  I actually add the cacao nibs at the end because I like the crunch it adds to the smoothie, but you could definitely throw them in the blender as well.

If you’re new to smoothies, you might want to add the full banana, so it’s not too “green” tasting; but, if you’re a smoothie veteran, this recipe will be perfect!

Prep Time:

5 mins

Cook Time:

0 mins

Total Time:

5 mins





  1. Blend all ingredients except the raw cacao nibs in blender
  2. Add the raw cacao nibs at the end

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