Food Sensitivity Testing

Uncover the hidden foods that are causing inflammation in your body and impacting your digestion, energy, weight, mood and skin.

This test is a blood spot test that you can do at home. Upon purchasing, we'll contact you to get your address so we can ship you the test. It is about a 2 week turn around time from when you return the kit to getting the results. 

The test will look at the top 132 most commonly eaten foods and measure your level of sensitivity (if any). This test also looks at antibody levels to candida (overgrowth of yeast).

This test looks at IgG 1-4 and C3d complement (measuring 2 inflammatory pathways instead of just IgG) which dramatically reduces false positives compared to traditional IgG testing.

This also includes a 15 minute session to review the results and give you guidance as to how to move forward.

*Please note that this product ships via free ground shipping so there is no tracking available.

Food Sensitivity Testing

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