The St Patty’s Day Survival Kit

St Patty’s Day can be a day of indulgences, be it of the food or the beverages kind, so I thought it would be fitting to do a post offering some healthy tips and a smoothie for you to survive your St Patty’s Day weekend and the inevitable Monday morning that follows.

1)      Don’t Forget Your Protein & Fats:

Pre-fiesta, eat a meal with a good source of protein & fat to keep your blood sugar in check.  Maybe some wild salmon or organic turkey, and include some avocado with a salad tossed in olive oil.  You’re probably noticing a trend about me mentioning protein, fat and blood sugar, but I can’t stress enough how important it is.  If you can avoid the major blood sugar spike from the liquid indulgences, you’ll sleep better, and in turn feel better the next day!

2)      Avoid the Green Beer:

In theory it’s fun to drink green beer, but take a minute to think about what’s actually making it green: food dyes and colouring.  Most food colourings are made from synthetic chemicals.  As many people are actually intolerant to the food dyes and colouring, food colouring has been linked to symptoms such as headaches and migraines.  On tests done in male rats, Green #3 caused significant increases in bladder and testes tumors*.  I’m not sure about you, but I wouldn’t want to sacrifice my man health for some green coloured beer.

3)      Stock Up on Some Supplements:

Drinking alcohol can deplete your B & C Vitamins, so I recommend taking a B Complex & Vitamin C before you go to bed, and when you wake up.  Your liver is responsible for filtering the chemicals and waste out of your body, and after St Patty’s day, it likely will need a bit of extra support.  Flora makes a supplement called “Milk Thistle Plus” that contains a mix of herbs (milk thistle, dandelion root & artichoke leaf) that support your liver’s detoxification process.

4)      Ditch the Gatorade and Grease:

Let’s be honest, at one point or another, we’ve all feasted on greasy bacon & hashbrowns while chugging Gatorade, but that is NOT the most sensible for your body.  The greasy breakfast isn’t going to do anything for your insides, and the Gatorade is just straight sugar and a lot of artificial ingredients, including colour.  Instead, start the morning with Lemon Water and then try this Post Patty’s Day Smoothie recipe that is full of Potassium to set you up for a great day!

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