The new drink that’s been replacing my coffee

As most of you know, I am not a huge fan of coffee. I definitely drink it from time to time (sometimes more than others), but it personally doesn’t make me feel my best. I tend to have an energy crash afterwards, and even if I drink it in the morning, it sometimes affects my sleep. With clients I see who have either digestive problems or stress/energy concerns, they usually feel better off it, or at least, not drinking as much.

BUT…sometimes a nice warm drink on a cold winter day is just necessary! I’ve talked before about matcha green tea and how it’s an awesome replacement, but I’ve found another one that I really wanted to share, because it’s been replacing my morning cup of Joe, and I’m loving it.

I was introduced to Four Sigma Foods via good ol’ Instagram. (If you’re not following, come on over!) More and more nutritionists were posting pictures of trying it, so naturally, I wanted to as well. I’m hooked, especially as a hot morning drink when it’s so freaking cold out!

What Is Four Sigma Foods?

Four Sigma Foods is a company that has created herbal powdered drinks that you can drink in hot water (like tea or coffee), cold water or added to a smoothie. You can actually even add it to baking too, for a slightly sweet addition.

Here’s the interesting part – they are made primarily from mushrooms (nope, not the shrooms you are thinking of) – medicinal mushrooms like shiitake, maitake, and chaga, so have incredible health benefits to them. (They are found to be so beneficial that they are starting to be used in cancer research.)

What Are The Health Benefits?

It depends which flavour/ingredient you’re talking about, but the majority of the products are digestive & hormone balancing.

Let me explain the the ones I’m loving right now.

Instant Chaga

  • Immune boosting – great for people who get sick often

Instant Reishi

  • Relaxing – great for high stress people
  • Promotes good sleep by naturally lowering cortisol levels

Instant Maitake

  • Promotes proper blood sugar management, leading to weight-loss

Instant Shiitake

  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Detoxing – promotes bile production in the liver

Others: Instant Cordyceps, Instant Lion’s Mate and more.

Note: Some of these are sweetened with stevia, while others aren’t. Those that aren’t most resemble a black coffee or tea, while those with stevia ones are truly a sweet treat.

Where Can You Buy?

I believe the cheapest place to get these is at their website, but more and more health food stores are selling them now! Let me know how you like it!

Last, but certainly not least – you might have noticed the Canucks mug? I have some news! I’m going to be spending quite a bit more time in Vancouver, as my boyfriend got a job there! I’ll be working in both Toronto & Vancouver, but living in Vancouver. If you’re a Vancouverite, I’d love to hear from you – send me an email or comment below. Any fave healthy restaurants there?

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