Tea Tree Oil

For today’s Nutrition Tip Tuesday, I am about to introduce you to an oil that will change your life.  And no, it’s not coconut oil, because that will also change your life. 🙂  It’s tea tree oil!  In my experience, it helps with just about anything and everything related to topical skin problems.

Tea tree oil originates in Australia, and is made from the leaves of the plant, “Melaleuca alternifolia” and unlike what it sounds like, it actually has nothing to do with the actual leaves of the tea you drink.   Native Australians used to grind it up and inhale the vapours for coughs and flus.

It’s 100% natural, and here are just SOME of the amazing things it will naturally help you with:

Acne.  Rubbing a bit of the tea tree oil topically on the zit 2x daily will literally make it disappear in half the time, and without having to pop it as it dries it out.

Skin tags.  Similar to the acne, applying tea tree oil 2x daily will make the extra flap of skin just fall right off.

Toenail fungus/bacteria.  As tea tree oil is anti-microbial, applying a drop or two of it on the infected area 2x daily can also clear up the infection.

Lice. This works miracles for lice.  I’ve never used it for this, but the majority of the directions I have read say to apply it topically onto your head and leave it overnight and then wash it out in the morning.  You may have to do this for a few days.

And some other secondary uses:

  • Apply to cuts/burns for anti-bacterial purposes
  • Add a bit to shampoo to help deal with dandruff

Almost all health food stores carry tea tree oil, and I would just make sure the ingredients are 100% tea tree oil.

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