Symptoms of Imbalance

I was recently chatting with a friend about being ‘in tune’ with your body and understanding common symptoms of imbalance.  She made the interesting point that the vast majority of us go through our lives having no idea how we REALLY feel and not even noticing what signs our bodies are trying to give us!  For her, it wasn’t until she did a 40 day yoga challenge that included a special diet that she realized the digestion and skin problems she’d been dealing with her ENTIRE life. (The symptoms started to clear up when she began eating healthier).

This was all really interesting to me because I take for granted how in tune I am with mine.  But I realized that the only reason I became this way was because I went through a time of being so sick!  Her and I chatted about how many of the signs of imbalance aren’t really ‘talked about’, or you are simply given medication to mask the symptom rather than address the cause.

So for today’s Nutrition Tip Tuesday, I wanted to share some signs of imbalance. Pay attention to them as they aren’t normal, and it is your body trying to tell you something.

  1. Gas/Bloating
  2. Hair that doesn’t grow (or hair loss)
  3. Acne
  4. Eczema
  5. White film on your tongue
  6. Headaches/Migraines
  7. Irregular bowel movements (less than once/day)
  8. Poor sleep
  9. Dry skin
  10. Nails that break easily

There’s not always one quick fix for each sign but often there is a commonly associated nutrient deficiency or food intolerance that can help.  In future posts I will go into more detail on typical explanations for these symptoms, but these are all reasons to get in touch with a nutritionist and pay more attention to the signs you’re body is giving you.

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