Resources to Transition Your Teams Back to the Office

With restrictions lifting in most regions and many companies shifting to a hybrid model or full time at the office, many of our clients have asked for resources to help their teams with the transition. Change can be difficult and we recommend taking a proactive approach to helping your teams with the stress, anxiety and uncertainty that can come with it. Many of our clients also want new and useful programming to get people excited about coming into the office.

Below we’ve outlined a few of our workplace wellness offerings that can help with the transition.

6-Webinar Resilience Series

A webinar/lunch & learn series allows you to cover a more holistic range of topics and keep the momentum up over a longer period of time. We created a few webinar series’ suggestions, including our Healthy Foundation Series and our Mental Wellness Series, but our Resilience Series is particularly timely. This is because resilient employees don't just survive through change, they thrive.

The series consists of 6 webinars that build off one-another. We cover a wide range of factors that contribute to resilience, hosted by several different wellness experts. The topics include:

  1. Performance-Based Nutrition: What to eat and drink throughout the day to maximize energy, mood and focus.
  2. Functional Movement: Exercise that brings mind, body and energy into alignment and provides better work-life balance.
  3. Resilience Through Mindfulness: Mindfulness exercises and strategies to counteract stress and build performance.
  4. Optimizing Sleep - Good Nights, Better Days: A toolkit of strategies to help quiet the mind and get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis.
  5. Focus in the Age of Distraction: Learn how to prioritize when under pressure and how to delete the noise and overwhelm in order to have time for self-care.
  6. Reframing Stress & Emotions: Using body awareness to process emotions and stress. Learn how past experiences influence anxiety and stress.

These topics can also be negotiated based on what's relevant to your teams.

Virtual and In-Person Lunch and Learns

We have dozens of lunch & learns hosted by holistic nutritionists, meditation experts, yoga instructors, naturopaths and social workers, however there are a few topics that have been really popular lately.

Healthy 30 Minute Meals Lunch & Learn

When you transition back to the office it’s tempting to default to a quick breakfast at the coffee shop, takeout for lunch or snacking on processed foods at the end of a long work-day. What starts out as a treat for those days you're back in the office can eventually turn into a habit. Making healthier choices by planning ahead can alleviate the stress of feeding yourself, your family, and give you more lasting energy throughout the day.

Our Healthy 30 Minute Meals lunch & learn is one of our long-time favourites and teaches participants what to include on their plate for more steady energy, less cravings, with lots of practical examples.

This lunch & learn or webinar covers:

  • Recipe ideas for delicious and fast under 30-minute meals
  • How to meal prep to stay on track when the week gets busy
  • How to make your recipes healthier, without losing flavour
  • Simple tips and tricks to be more efficient in the kitchen

Workshop: Ergonomics, Stretching & Pain Management

We have recently added a brand new virtual or in-person (if you’re in Vancouver) lunch & learn option focused on ergonomics, stretching and pain management. This interactive 1-hour session is hosted by a Kinesiologist, Personal Trainer and Pilates certified instructor who specializes in rehabilitation; functional movement.

Key topics include:

  • General Anatomy & body awareness
  • Identifying posture & ergonomic issues
  • Practical strategies for the workday
  • Education on postural exercises and mobility specific to target areas
  • Applied theory in a 15 min movement flow

Participants will receive a copy of the presentation as well as the recording. There’s also a few add-on options including a 10 minute postural exercise, a 15 minute workout flow as well as tools to aid in pain relief and mobility.

Short, Desk Stretching Sessions

These short, 15-minute sessions are hosted by our yoga instructor. She introduces short stretching, posture and ergonomic sequences that can be done from anywhere to help counter the effects of sitting or staying in one position all day. Sessions can be recorded to be shared with your teams and can be purchased as a set of four.

For a full list of our lunch & learns/webinars hosted by our team of holistic nutritionists, naturopaths, mindfulness & meditation experts and yoga instructors, please reach out to us here.

Wellness Challenges to Help with Team Building and Building and Maintaining Healthy Habits

The HEAL Wellness Challenge is a 4 or 8 week fun and engaging, team-based online program that we’ve been running with companies for over six years. Through daily holistic challenges that focus on a mix of nutrition, mindset and movement, we will transform the health and happiness of your employees. The great thing about the Wellness Challenge is that all of the daily information is shared online, but we can easily tailor the program to helping your remote, hybrid or in-person office better connect.

We are just about to kick off a 4-week Wellness Challenge with a company that has employees working from their head office as well as shift workers who work on site. Their goal is to provide a new way to introduce wellness with the main motivation being to connect everyone. We are also kicking off another 4-week Wellness Challenge with a company that has offices across Canada and is transitioning everyone back to the office. Their motivation for running a challenge is to help everyone feel their best throughout the transition, and incentivize in-person collaboration and engagement.

If you think your teams could benefit from any of these corporate wellness programs, please reach out here to get in touch with our team today.

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