Natural Ways To Detox

For athletes competing at the elite level, recovering after training is nearly as important as the rigorous training itself. The body needs time to recover, and can only reduce the chances of injury and fatigue if athletes take the necessary precautions.

Many lessons can be learned from elite athletes, and while we put our bodies through various rigors on a daily basis, the need to detox and rid our bodies of toxins and poor diets is extremely important. But what are the natural ways in which we can detox on a daily basis?

Reduce stress

Detoxing can come in many forms, and reducing stress is one of them. Thinking positively can have a myriad of affirmative impacts on your work and life balance if you implement positive thinking and change your mindset for the better.

By focusing on the positive things you have to look forward to you aren’t wasting time thinking or worrying about negative influences in your life.

Negative thoughts tend to drain people of their energy and the more they think about them, these emotions tend to become stronger. This in turn, can increase stress levels. Therefore, it’s important to focus on the good people, situations and upcoming events in your life as well as striving to think more positively moving forward to cleanse your body.

Little things like reading positive quotes each day can help you focus on the tasks at hand instead of worrying about naysayers.

Increase your water intake

Drinking lots of water has many benefits to the body such as energizing muscles; it helps to control calories, keep skin looking healthy, helps bowel functions, the transport of water in the kidneys and reduces the chances of dehydration.

Regular sauna use

Using saunas became popular originally in Finland hundreds of ago, and has come a long way since with many infrared saunas revolutionizing the way people look to recover after exercise or competing.

All leading gyms tend to have saunas and stream rooms featured in-house due to the numerous health benefits. There has also been a rise in the purchasing of saunas in homes worldwide, with 4 person saunas becoming popular in many households because families are able to share the many benefits and experience together. These saunas feature Biophotonic Nano-carbon heaters and chromo therapy lighting that help users relax while reaping the benefits of the elevated heat levels.

Skin rejuvenation is just one of the many benefits regular sauna users will reap. “Sweat is the most important elimination route to for toxins,” thus, the heat in saunas helps get rid of toxins embedded in the skin and gives your skin a healthy glow.

Saunas also help to fight off infections, and help increase the efficiency in which blood is pumped around the body. Increased lung capacity and cardiovascular performance have also been linked to regular sauna use, which show that it has boundless positive benefits when it comes to detoxifying the body.

This post was written by guest expert Heather Spencer. All information is approved by HEAL

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