Introducing: The Mindful Leader Course

Tap Into Your Inner Leader Through Mindfulness

We are thrilled to share that we have launched a BRAND NEW course in mindfulness for workplaces, in partnership with Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist Michelle Lee.

The Mindful Leader Course is an 8-week course that will help individuals decrease stress and anxiety while building self-reliance and access to inner calm. This course consists of a weekly class that introduces a new pillar of mindfulness. Each class builds upon the one before, with the intention to strengthen your mindfulness muscle and confidence.

Participants then have brief daily mindfulness practices to complete in order to develop techniques and skills to be resilient in their day-to-day. This includes practicing many forms of meditation, gentle mindful movement, self-reflection and the study of mindful outlooks.

Benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness is the practice of being present in our actions and interactions. Meditation is one of the pillars of mindfulness, as it builds self-awareness and responsibility.

Meditation has been found to provide a number of benefits for reducing anxiety, depression (1), improving sleep (2), as well as improving certain stress related conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (3). For examples, after an 8 week meditation program, employees at Google and Roche reported a 46% reduction in depression and a 31% reduction in anxiety (4).  Research by Headspace also found that 4 weeks of meditation practice improved focus by 14% and reduced mind wandering by 22%.

Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4

Participants in The Mindful Leader Course can expect to:

  • Feel confident in managing stress and anxiety; easily access inner resources.
  • Be self-reliant through accessing a new “toolbox” of techniques in relaxation, stress reduction, self-regulation, and energy management.
  • Learn to show up in all the facets of life with integrity built on self-awareness and control.
  • Know oneself in a profound way that positively changes relationships, in a work environment and home life.

The course consists of:

  • A weekly live class with Michelle.
  • Daily mindfulness and meditation practices to complete at home.
  • Personalized guidance through Q&A sessions with Michelle.

About the Presenter

Michelle Lee is a BC-based Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist. Michelle's path in life has been one of self-development and growth, following her heart, and being in service to others. Moving through addiction, depression, anxiety, and burn-out, Michelle has transformed her own life and herself. She considers herself a student for life and a teacher, guide, mentor, coach, and therapist.

Michelle always brings unconventional wisdom with her wherever she finds herself. Whether in former roles in numerous universities, catholic schools or forestry contracts to her current coaching, therapist, mentor and educator roles, she really knows how to wake people up to their true wellness in all settings.

The Mindful Leader Course is a proven way to improve your teams' mental health, help them manage stress and reduce feelings of burnout.

If you would like to offer this course to your teams, please click here to get in touch with a member of HEAL. As this is brand new program, we are offering significantly discounted pricing of $1950 (regular $5000) to the first company to run it.

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