Improving Mental Health in the Workplace

The Current Landscape of Mental Health in the Workplace

The mental health of North American workers continues to be affected even post-pandemic. A 2021 survey by Benefits Canada found a 68% increase in employees reporting mental health challenges and that 61% of employers reported an increase in mental health claims. A 2024 survey by Inc found that more than two-thirds (69 per cent) of employees say their mental health has stayed the same or worsened in the past year. It's clear that improving mental health in the workplace is a priority for employers.

The Costs of Poor Employee Mental Health

We know that even just one short term disability claim due to mental health that is prevented from a workplace wellness or workplace support program can save on average $18,000, per case (Benefits Canada).  Mental illness accounts for one third of short-term disability and long-term disability claims, but 70% of workplace disability costs.

This doesn’t take into account the impact that someone’s mental health challenges are having on team morale, engagement and productivity!

The Goals: Our goal is to focus on the prevention of mental health conditions in the workplace and at home, while also educating employees on how to become more resilient and manage their mental health, particularly as it relates to stress, depression and anxiety. In turn, this leads to increased presenteeism, less absenteeism, better engagement and more productivity.

HEAL’s Solution

We offer a variety of solutions to meet the employee and company where they are at.

1. Health & Wellness Lunch & Learns

Live one-off sessions on topics including The 5 Key Factors in Self Care, Busting Stress & Boosting Happiness and Live Mindfulness Sessions. You can learn more about our lunch & learn topics here.

2. Wellness Challenges

A customized holistic program covering nutrition, movement and mindfulness in a fun and engaging team-based, competitive format. You can learn more about Wellness Challenge here.

3. Resilience-Building Webinar Series

A live virtual lunch and learn or webinar series that works through mindfulness, nutrition, movement, emotional well-being and reducing overwhelm.

Since the onset of the pandemic, surveyed participants responded that after our programs:

  • 85% of our wellness challenge participants felt better able to handle stress,
  • 92% were more active during the program (a key factor in mental health)
  • 81% felt more connected to their colleagues.


“It helped me manage stress and anxiety and focus on things of which I can have some control.”
“It helped me stay motivated to workout even if it’s at home. The health challenge helped me get back on track.”
“I really liked it! I thought it was super relevant and it was a good reminder to do daily beneficial actions for our health, beyond exercising."

Please contact us here so we can help you put together a program to support your employees mental health.

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