Healthy Thanksgiving Ideas

My WHOLE family is coming to Toronto for Thanksgiving! WOOHOO!  We’re cooking a feast in my condo, with the intention of having leftovers for many days to come!  I’ve had a lot of people mention to me in passing that Thanksgiving is just one of those ‘cheat’ meals for them. They think it’s just one of those meals where they are not going to feel great afterwards, and there’s nothing they can do about it as it’s too difficult to cook the meal properly.  Well I beg to differ!  I want to give you some EASY tips and tricks that you can implement this weekend so you can still have a super tasty meal but avoid the stomach problems post turkey (organic, free range turkey, that is)!

1)      Coconut Oil for Butter

Whether it’s the roasted vegetables in the oven that you drizzle with butter, or the Brussels sprouts that you are frying in a pan, coconut oil is a great butter substitute, that actually adds great flavor.  This recipe from Jenn Parsons is a great example of coconut oil for roasted veggies (and it looks delish)!

2)      Nutritional Yeast for Cheese

Nutritional Yeast is a great alternative to cheese that is incredibly high in B vitamins!  You can add this to your mashed potatoes, or sprinkle on your vegetables for some extra kick.  Here’s a cheese sauce recipe from Oh She Glows with nutritional yeast.

3)      Sweet Potatoes for Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are lower on the Glycemic index than regular potatoes, so don’t spike your blood sugar as much.  They are also higher in Beta Carotene, and if you ask me, have more flavour too!  Nobody’s going to feel ‘deprived’ if you make a sweet potato mash vs regular potatoes, or make this Sweet Potato Tart recipe.

4)      Gluten Free Bread for Stuffing

Stuffing is a staple, and if you have a gluten allergy, you REALLY want to make GF stuffing, because it is usually cooked inside the turkey, so the turkey becomes contaminated with gluten.  Now, not all GF bread is made equal.  Lots are made with icky ingredients, so you want to look for one that is still high in fiber and low in sugar.  If you’re in Toronto, Yoshi Sweets  makes an amazing tasting bean bread!

5)      Raw Crust for Pie Crust

In case you missed it, I JUST posted a (partially) raw apple crumble recipe for dessert!  Raw crusts are great, as they typically use very few ingredients that are nutrient dense, and are still delicious!  I have had a hard time ever replicating a good gluten free pie crust, so figure this is a better way to go!

There you have it!  Feel free to leave a comment below on what your other healthy substitutes are for holiday recipes!

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