Healthy Snack Idea

I’m always looking for healthy snack ideas, and about a year ago I discovered the Simply Bar at the grocery store.  Nine times out of ten when I find a new protein bar, I get really excited, only to turn over the back of the package and find out that it has in fact got similar nutritional contents to a Snickers Bar – aka a lot of sugar!  To my surprise, I was quite impressed with the ingredients and nutritional contents of the Simply Bar.  Now, it’s still a packaged food, so it isn’t perfect; however for those that need to eat on the run, it’s a great snack idea and here’s why:

  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free (Note they have some that are whey based, and therefore not dairy free, but instead soy free.  As dairy doesn’t agree with a lot of people, I prefer the dairy-free, and recommend those over the whey-based protein.)
  • Only 3g of sugar
  • A whopping 18g of protein (wowza!)
  • No preservatives or artificial sugar

Here’s a little comparison of some popular protein bars:

After becoming a Simply Bar consumer, I discovered their Protein Chips which I actually like even more than the Simply Bar, because the protein is not soy based, and is instead pea protein.  They’re also more of a savoury snack with only 2g of sugar and still 15g of protein.  I find they satisfy any sort of chip craving you might have.

You can buy this brand almost anywhere these days.  I’ve bought them at Loblaws, Sobeys and any health food store.  They’re constantly coming out with new variations of high protein snacks as well, and flavours too!

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