Healthy 30 Minute Meals Webinar

Even though I love to cook, I have to admit it's been challenging balancing working from home with taking care of a 1 year old, doing things around the house and making meals and snacks. I can't imagine what it's like for those of you with more than one child or for those of you working overtime right now!

I have found meal planning, prepping and shopping with a grocery list to be more important than ever. I'm trying to make as few trips to the grocery store as possible and knowing exactly what I'm going to need for the coming weeks helps a lot.

Having an idea of what can be swapped or omitted if I can't find it in the store has also provided me with a great deal of flexibility and enabled me to choose the more affordable options. ⁠Plus, when it comes to how you feel, the food you eat influences how productive you are, how you handle the stressful things thrown at you and how much energy you have to balance everything like work, taking care of yourself and your family.

Given this, we have a webinar on Healthy 30 Minute Meals, catered to the unique situation that we find ourselves in.  In this 1 hour webinar I show you that you can actually save time and money by simplifying recipes and meal prep, without having to compromise on taste and quality AND without having to spend hours every day in the kitchen. All while nourishing yourself, your significant other and your family with food that gives you better energy, a better mood, helps you sleep better and helps you handle the stress and anxiety we're facing.

Here's what you will learn:

  • How to cook healthy, simple 30 minute meals (new recipes included) that taste delicious!
  • Simple, make ahead breakfast recipes (plus, my flawless smoothie formula).
  • Our favourite time-saving strategies in the kitchen, plus the best tools & gadgets that can help.
  • Our top tips and tricks for making your favourite recipes healthier (it's not about restricting your foods!).
  • Grocery list tips and tricks, along with easy swaps to minimize your trips to the grocery store.

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