5 Superfoods To Add To Your Smoothie

Imagine having a week’s worth of delicious smoothies delivered to your door, once a week. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, I recently had the pleasure of trying out The Good Stuff, a company that delivers perfectly portioned, frozen, ready to blend smoothies.

All you have to do is add liquid (and protein powder if you want) and hit go on the blender. Each smoothie is portioned out for one and literally takes less than 1 minute from the time you open the freezer to the time you can drink it. Oh, and they are very reasonably priced at $5-$5.50/smoothie! Pretty awesome for you busy bees or smoothie newbies out there.

I thought their smoothies were incredibly tasty and had some creative ingredients, so I wanted to share some ways you can incorporate these ingredients you might not typically put in a smoothie into your daily routine.

For those of you in the Vancouver area wanting to take advantage of The Good Stuff, you can click here to get all the info. And the best part is, they’ve agreed to offer you $7 off your first order with the coupon code HEAL. Here are their 6 offerings:

As a quick reminder, smoothies are an amazing food to incorporate into your routine for a few reasons:

  • Easy way to eat more fruits & veggies – my goal is always 6-7 servings of veggies a day, so this helps!
  • High in protein (if you add a protein, which I recommend if it’s your meal) to balance your blood sugar and help eliminate cravings
  • Super high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to keep your skin looking fresh and glowing.

Here are five superfoods to add to your smoothie:


You’ve obvi heard of turmeric by now. In fact, maybe you tried the Anti-Inflammatory Golden Chai too? Turmeric really is the golden child of spices, with anti-inflammatory properties (good for anything ending in “itis”). I find turmeric goes well in a more tropical smoothie that might have pineapple or orange in it. It needs the sweetness from the fruit to offset it.

Coconut Oil

If you’ve been known to get afternoon cravings, coconut oil is a god send. I use a teaspoon of coconut oil in my Homemade Hot Chocolates (which can be served on ice this time of year), but am new to adding it to my smoothie. It’s a non-offensive way to get a bit of healthy fat to help curb future hunger. Coconut oil has been shown to improve brain function in mild forms of Alzheimer’s, as it balances blood sugar and Alzheimer’s is actually thought to be a blood sugar condition and was recently named the ‘type 3 diabetes’. If you're confused about which one to choose, I recommend cold-pressed as it's generally the least refined or processed form.

Raw Cacao

I put raw cacao in everything, because who doesn’t like a little more chocolate in their life? In all seriousness though, raw cacao (which has not been processed and heated like cocoa powder, so retains more nutrients), can give you a nice little energy boost when you might be craving a coffee. I find raw cacao mixes very nicely with strawberry or banana smoothies, and if you want to get really decadent, add a tablespoon of almond butter in there too!


Woah, beets you say? I sure do! Beets are high in antioxidants and contain betaine, a nutrient that is great to support your liver. If you’ve never added a beet before, start with a small amount so it doesn’t overpower the smoothie. If you’ve got a Blendtec or Vitamix, they can be raw, but if you don’t, you may want to have boiled them in advance. I think beets go nicely with blueberry or apple smoothies.


Last, but certainly not least, is spearmint. If you’re going for more of a cleansing type smoothie full of greens, spearmint, along with lemon juice, can help get rid of that bitter taste. Alternatively, you could make an ‘After Eight’ smoothie with the raw cacao, spearmint and some banana.

Don’t forget to give The Good Stuff a try with the coupon code HEAL, and taste how they’ve made the most delicious smoothies with so many nutrient dense foods in there.

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