3 Things You Can Do Today To Have A Stellar Week

Ever feel the Sunday blues? With the end of the weekend and the looming work week ahead, it can be a blah day. For me, Sunday is a day of “TCB” – takin’ care of bizness. And not, this the nutrition kind of business, rather chores and stuff that need to be done so that I don’t have to do them during the week.

Here are 3 habits I do on a Sunday that make a pleasant difference on my week. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Check my calendar

At some point, I take a QUICK glance at my calendar at what’s to come. Some of you may argue that you don’t want to even look during the weekend, but I actually find that knowing what’s coming gives me peace of mind for the week ahead. I’m then able to make a mental note of when I’ll have time to exercise or see a friend or do whatever “me” things I want.

Get my cook on

Shocking, I know 😉 This was actually one of the best habits that our Wellness Challenge participants gained and likely why they continued on with Weekly Meal Plans. It’s SO awesome to just sit down and eat a healthy meal when you are hungry, vs either having to cook something or having to eat out. While it doesn’t happen every single week for me, the weeks that I don’t do it, I feel like I’m never as good at doing exercise in the evening and have a lot less time.

Set a goal of something I want to accomplish

I started doing this relatively recently, because it can become easy to just be in ‘operate’ mode through the week, and then wonder what on earth you accomplished? In actual fact, you may have accomplished just the same, but it tends to feel better when you can see the bigger picture.

Alternatively, if you’re someone that has a tough time motivating yourself, this is also good because it can take a massive task that seems like it will take forever, and break it down into shorter, more manageable tasks and goals.

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