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Does red meat cause cancer? Are eggs raising your cholesterol? What supplements should you be taking? Let us debunk common nutrition myths and provide you with the the right information you need to know to live your healthiest life.

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When I weighed myself on Monday I was 14lbs lighter, the lightest I have been in 6 years, maybe longer. There have been other subtle changes that I can also attribute to the diet. I have had a chronic rotator cuff issue in my right shoulder. A month ago, I couldn't get comfortable in bed lying on that side, now I can fall asleep on my right side. I have a history of little white blotches on my hands, lower legs and other areas on my skin. It seems to me that these blotches are not as prominent or even gone altogether. My energy level has gone way up. With the increased energy, I have found I can now push myself a little more when I do these activities which will help improve my overall fitness.

Michael Wacasey

HEAL Wellness Challenge Participant

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